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Bircat Cohanim

No description

Gabriel Bor

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Bircat Cohanim

A Cohen can do Bircat Cohanim more than once, why is this not Bal Tosif, adding to a Mitzvah?
Chatam Sofer
How should a person listening to Birkat Cohanim stand?
Gemara Sotah
Gemara Chagiga
Once you have finished a mitzvah if you start it again it is not Bal Tosif.
It is a mitzvah for the congregation and not you. Therefore it is not Bal Tosif because the people haven't done the mitzvah before.
therefore we do both and we face the Cohanim to be face to face and close our eyes to concentrate
In the Beit Hamikdash the congregation would close their eyes so that they can concentrate so we too should close our eyes.
Quotes the Pasuk which says Emor lahem-say to them. Just like you say to them in a conversation you need to face the Cohanim.
Congregation Facing the Cohen
Cohen Blessing the congregation
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