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ocean acidification

No description

brandi henning

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of ocean acidification

Ocean Acidification what is it?
It is when carbon dioxide(CO2) from cars , industrial plants, and fossil fuels gets released into the air we breath. What goes into the atomspere then goes into the oceans and pollutes the environment for sea animals like fish and the coral reef.
Chemical Equation CO2 + H20 =H2CO3 Reactants CO2 + H2O Product H2CO3 How does Ocean Acidification effect the world? As the the carbon dioxide reaches the ocean the carbon forms carbonic acid. The acid then effects how the fish live. It kills many of the living organisms in the waters today because of their food supply shortage. the loss of fish and seafood changes the way we eat and the way we live. Fun Facts
Ever since industrial revolution started the acidity in our oceans have increased by 30% Ocean acidification dissolves the carbonate on shells of marine organisms The acidification mostly affects the tiny marine organisms that even though may be on the bottom of the food chain play a extreme role in the global marine ecosystems. If ocean acidification continues at a such a face pace we could see major disrupts in the marine ecosystems even before the end of the century. The chemical equation has to be balanced because you cant create or destroy matter. Why does the equation have to be balanced?
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