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1960's Gangs

No description

Trey Kline

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of 1960's Gangs

What are Gangs?
A gang is a group of trouble making youngsters that usually cause mischief in the community.
In the 1960s, gangs were very popular all over the US. The 18th street gang was the biggest gang of the time period. Another big gang of the 60s was the Black Panthers. There were tons of gangs but these were two of the biggest.
Why Did The Gangs Commit Crimes?
The gangs would cause violence so that they could protect their "turf", or their area. They also committed murder and assault to scare rival gangs.
Some gangs would sell drugs to raise funds for the gang.
The 18th Street Gang
Black Panthers
The Black Panthers formed in California in 1966
They started out as an organization to end racism and protect blacks from police brutality
Eventually they turned into a Marxist group that wanted to arm blacks and free them from the "white society"
They used violence and guns to try to accomplish their goal
Why do gangs appeal to youngsters?
They feel they don't receive enough attention at home
They want to get away from fear
They want protection
Gangs appear "cool" and "hip"
Types of Shenanigans
Drive by shootings
Drive by shootings in stolen cars
Drugs sales
1960's Gangs
This gang was one of the biggest gangs in the world, with over 30,000 members across multiple countries
Started in LA as a hispanic gang but later expanded to recruit new members
It was known as the children's army because of the many elementary and middle school children recruited
They would tattoo themselves with XVIII (roman numeral for 18) or 99 (9+9=18)
Gang members often wear brown pants a white shirt, or a sports jersey with the number 18 on it

18th Street Gang Continued
The members were banned from doing cocaine and other drugs because the gang didn't want to lose members
It is known as the childrens army because of the many middle and elementary school children recruited.
The Black Panthers provided free breakfast to black school children and provided health care for African Americans
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