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Knowledge framework on History

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Paula Sanchez

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Knowledge framework on History

Scope/ Applications
The area of knowledge of history is about the human past, and a recolectation of events throughout mankind. It helps create common sense in heritage and the reality we live in right now.

This area of knowledge is extremely important because to understand the present, the past is crucial and needs to be understood as well.

History also resolves many contemporary problems, as an insight of what the future might bring.

History is much more than facts and dates. It is the study of evidence, and hypothising from it as well as doing critical thinking from the data.
It also requires a detailed selection of data, reliable and high viability.

The construction of the past has to be done with evidence as well as facts but to achieve this one must go through a process and analysing the past.

It also has to do with the interpretations done by historians in order to pass this information as "history" itself.

The invention of writing separates pre history from history.
History is separated generally into different segments such as protohystory, old age, middle age, modern age, and contemporary.
Contemporary issues tend to develop research of the past and creation of history.

Historical development
History helps us have a clear sense of our own identity and where we come from.
It creates who we are as a person and our backround as well as our culture.
It also gives an insight of what is to come and the reason behind many of the present events.
Links to personal knowledge
¿What characteristics form a fact in history?

¿To what extent can an historian evaluate the viability of a fact?

¿To what extent does history affect our day to day life?
Knowledge Questions


C. Rodriguez Tinjacá
Claudio Sanchez
J. Parra
Knowledge framework on History
Language is the key instrument that links the past with the future. Throughout the centuries language and communication through writing/books or any type of language has been the only thing leaving the information that we gather in order to recreate "history".
Language is also the way in which the history is told and will go down throughout time and be told.
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