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Presentation - All programs - Spanish Studies Presentation -

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Soraya Student Services

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of Presentation - All programs - Spanish Studies Presentation -

Spanish Studies Abroad
The Center for Cross-Cultural Study
Types of Programs
Learn the Language -- Travel the Land -- Live the Life
Havana, Cuba
Cordoba, Argentina
Pre-departure support
Intensive language instruction
Integration at local universities
Resident Director & 24/7 Support Staff
Courses to suit your major or minor
Living the Culture Courses
Study Visits, Cultural activities and excursions
Speaking Partners
Internship and Service Learning opportunities
Immersion in the local community
Can say something about
Spain here
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Spanish Studies Abroad
The Center for Cross-Cultural Study
Academic courses for most majors and minors
Spanish, Education, Business, Social Sciences, etc.
Courses designed especially for students studying abroad
Learn with others at your Spanish level
Experience the host culture every day
Speaking Partners
Residencia (Seville, San Juan)
Cultural guidance in context
Culture courses
Resident staff
Types of Programs
Customized Programs
Spanish Studies
Integrated Studies
International Studies in English (Spain)
Summer Practicum in Education (Seville)
Internship/Service Learning
May (Spain) & Summer Terms (All)
January Terms (Spain, Cuba)
Independent Research Project option
Contact Us
Find us on Facebook and Twitter
If you have questions:
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