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Persuasive speech

No description

Z Xuan

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive speech

What is Organ Donation?

A medical procedure which involves process of donating organs or tissue from a living or dead person to be transplanted into living recipients who, in many cases, is very ill or dying.

(Transplantation Unit & National Transplant Resource Centre, 2013)
Organs and Tissues that can be donated

Organ Donation
After Death

You can give life, even in death.
If you could save up to one life through the gift of organ and tissue donation, why not?
-No one wants to be on the waiting list.

There is a critical organ shortage.

minutes : national transplant waiting list.

people : die every day waiting.

You never know when you or your loved one might end up on the waiting list.
-It's hard to predict our life path.
-Genetics and our environment can impact our physical body.
Would you hope to accept an organ for yourself or for a loved one?

You can give people the ability to be mobile.
-Includes tendons, ligaments, and other soft connective tissue.
-Ability to walk, run, and dance.
-Experienced loss of bone.

People truly need these life-saving gifts.
-The number of patients is rising.
-Artificial methods : not long-term solutions.
-Need someone to take selfless act.

It's free to register and donate your organs and tissues.
-Will not be burdened with any costs.
-Transplant recipients' insurance/Medicare/organ recovery organizations.

It's hard to say no to save lives for free!

Statistics about Number of Patients and Donors

Number of patients on a waiting list (based on kidney, lungs and heart)
Awareness and contributions of the society is essential.

Each individual have to break through their culture norms and misconception of organ donation in order to serve the society. The issue can be mitigated through the unity of the society.

(New York Organ Donor Network, 2014)

over 10,000 people waiting for an organ transplant.
ONE organ donor can save up to EIGHT lives

You Can Help Save Lives and Make a Difference

For Transplant Recipients
transplant means a second chance at life for them
Improved quality of life

(New York Organ Donor Network, 2014)

For Donors and Their Families
The ability to comfort grieving families
The power to save lives

Create awareness through campaigns

Increase the education and exposure of the concept of organ transplantation
MOHAN Foundation held a talk about Organ Transplant

“Whosoever saves the life of one person it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.”
-Holy Qur’an, chapter 5:32
Buddha said to the other monks that,
“Whoever would care for me, let him care for those who are sick.”
-Mahavagga VIII.26.1-8
The Monk with Dysentery
“…it is said that the soul is invisible…knowing this you should not grieve for the body.”
-Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2:25
“…freely you have received, freely give”
-Matthew, chapter 10:8
(New York Organ Donor Network, 2014)

Negative Opinions on Organ Donations
I don't think people should donate body parts because God gave it to you for a reason.

Nobody gets MY organs, their MINE!

I believed the doctors wouldn't try to save me if I was a donor.

How are friends and family meant to pay respects after you die when your body isn't normal?

(National Kidney Foundation Malaysia, 2012)
Number of Individual Who Pledge and Actual Organ Donor
The Statistic On Deceased Donors Per Million Population (pmp) Compared to Other Country
Opt Out - France, Spain, Austria and Australia
Statistic on the Opt In and Opt Out system.
Opt Out System: Every citizen is presumed to be a donor unless they specifically say that they do not want to do so
Opt In System: An individual voluntarily registers to become a donor in the future if he or she wishes.
Opt In- New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil
People Who Pledge and Their Stories
What compelled you to sign up as an organ donor?

Was there someone who inspired you to take that step?

Mary-Ruth Low, 25, Research Assistant
Ching Siu Jeen, 24, Graduate
Why did you pledge your organs?
I felt it was a waste to let my organs decompose the moment my life ended.
How did you first find out about it?
From my very own mother! My family was very supportive.
How was the sign-up process like?
Sign-up was easy and you’ll be given a donor card.
Lim Gene Harn, 23, Green Building Consultant
What compelled you to join the organ donor registry?

How’d you find out about signing up as a donor in Malaysia?

Did you have any fears when it came to pledging as a donor?

Any words of advice to share ?

(Jolene Foo, 2014)
(Jolene Foo, 2014)
(News Straits Time, 2014)
(Dr Helmy Haja Mydin, 2014)
(Daily Express, 2014)
(Chris Barry, 2013)
(Nur Sakinah Mohd Farit, 2014)
Thesis: The amount of patients that needs organ transplant outnumbers the number of organs available.
By:Ang Xiwen, Cheryl Toh,
Lim Zi Xuan, Lee Siaw Teng

Objective: To persuade the audiences to have a more positive perception towards organ donation as well as to reveal the importance and benefits of organ donation.
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