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Renaissance Map

Intro to Renaissance unit and worldviews.

J Cho

on 25 April 2012

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Transcript of Renaissance Map

Germany Hungary Renaissance Map Significant Sites 1348-1361
The Black Death
kills up to 60% of
Europe's population Rome 1378
Papacy returns to Rome
from France France Florence 1397
Medici Bank founded
Joan of Arc
Led the French Army to many
victories before being tried
as a witch and burned at the
stake 1434
Cosimo Medici
begins 30 year
domination of
Florence Italy Spain Portugal Great Britian Asia / The Orient The New World 1452-1519
Leonardo Da Vinci
invents, paints,
sculpts and engineers
many works 1450
Gutenberg creates
the Printing Press
which promotes litaracy
across Europe 1475-1564
Michelangelo Buonarotti
Painter, sculptor, poet,
architecht and engineer 1478
The Spanish Inquisition 1492
Columbus sails from
Spain and discovers
The New World 1254-1324
Marco Polo travels
to Asia and writes
Il Milione, which
introduces Europeans
to Central Asia and
China 1503-1566
Nostradamus publishes
a collection of prophesies 1513
publishes The Prince 1515
Sir Thomas More
Renaissance Humanist
publishes "Utopia" 1517
Martin Luther
publishes his
95 Theses 1519
Hernan Cortes
lands in Mexico,
meets Moctezuma at
bloody conflict
between the Aztecs
and Conquistadors So What?
Essential Questions:
What factors shaped the worldview evolving in Western Europe during the Renaissance?

How has your society's worldview evolved from the worldview of Renaissance Europe?

How does your society's worldview affect your individual citizenship and identity?
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