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michael liehne

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of AUSTRALIA

Australia MAJOR CITIES 1. Canberra
2. Sydney
3. Adelaide
4. Melbourne
5. Perth
6. Darwin
7. Brisbane
8. hobart MAJOR HOTSPOTS 1.Uluru
2.12 apostles(now 11)
3.Blue Moutains
4.Parlament House
5.Great barrior reef legacies 1. Lawnmower
2. Dot Art
3. Boomerang
4. Earth hour STATES 1. A.c.t
2. New south wales
3. Queensland
4. Victoria
5. South Australia
6. Western Australia
7. Northern territory
8. Tasmania facts about Australia 1. Australia is the only island continent.
2. the europeans intended to make Australia a Trading station.
3. indigenous australians werent RECOGNISED OFFICIALLY until aFTER REFERENDUM IN 1967. Earth hour 1. earth hour was invented in 2007 by the wwf(world wildlife fund) and the sydney moning herald in sydney australia.
2. this year 126 countries participated in earth hour! Bibliography www.wikipedia.com
www.Nma.com thanks mate! by mikey and shiv by mikey and shiv
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