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Career Presentation: Chef

Summative project

Ed Bob

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Career Presentation: Chef

Career Presentation
Job Description
The work of a chef is more than just cooking food in a restaurant: it's the combining of tastes, it's presenting the food as the work of art it is,
it's complementing flavors and drinks to offer the best dining experience possible, it's adding that one sprig of mint to bring it to the next level. That is the job of a chef.
You usually think of chefs working in restaurants and hotels but there are many other options:

catering companies
film sets
television studios
your own house
self employment

It is often hot, humid and hectic in kitchens. Stress from heat or pressure can occur; a chef is also lifting heavy pots and pans that can cause other problems. On the other you have the joy of working hard on something, then having someone enjoy it.
Working Conditions
The average is between $30000-$36000 a year
But you can be payed anything between minimum wage and $75000
some business owners gain more
There are many college options for training in this field. Courses that are available are: culinary skills and chef training at Algonquin College, cake design at Confederation College and professional chocolatier at George Brown College.You can take courses like advanced wines and beverage management that are post diploma. But most of all, experience is the greatest factor in your career. University courses can help your chef career but are less important than other options.
There are many different types of apprenticeships in this field. The most common type is chef training or cook apprenticeship. This is a three-year apprenticeship program which combines on-the-job experience with classes to learn the theory based part of cooking. Apprenticeships abroad are also helpful because you then acquire knowledge of other countries' food.
College & University
Wine and Beverage Management
Studies Abroad
Related Jobs
Bed and Breakfast Proprietor
Event Planner
Fast Food Worker
Food Scientist
Home Economist
Restaurant Manager
Hard Skills
Yearly: min. $650000 max. $70000
Reading text
Document use
Finding information
Computer use
Continuous learning
Working with others
Problem solving
Decision making
Critical thinking
Job task planning and organizing
Oral communication
Soft Skills
Plan and direct food preparation and cooking activities
Estimate food requirements
Estimate food and labour costs
Plan menus
Ensure quality of food and portion control
Create new recipes
Schedule staff
Maintain records of food costs, consumption, sales and inventory
Analyze operating costs and other data
Job Listing
George Brown College
Culinary Skills - Chef training
1 year program
Culinary Skills Ontario College Certificate
HOSF1166 Banquet and Production Kitchen II
HOSF1024 Culinary Skills II
HOSF1031 Theory of Food II
HOST1005 Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Control
GHUM1063 Art of Eating and Dining – Wines: History and Production
HOST1126 Career Preparation
MATH1102 Hospitality Math
COMP1082 Computer Skills and Applications
Semester 1
GSCI1102 Nutrition and Lifestyle
HOSF1002 Culinary Desserts
HOSF1184 Banquet and Production Kitchen I
HOSF1185 Fundamentals of Butchery
HOSF1023 Culinary Skills I
HOSF1029 Theory of Food I
HOSF1145 Sanitation
HOSF1146 First Aid/Heartsaver CPR
MATH1000 Math Foundations
COMM1047 Business Communications
Semester 2
Tuition = $4, 370.00
Additional Cost
Uniform $200
Knives and small wares $300-$500
Books $400
Black safety shoes $120
Approximately $100 is required to cover your dining expenses at three of our industry partners restaurants.

TOTAL = $5590
High School
High school is not mandatory for a chef but a high school diploma and high marks can help you get into better apprenticeships, colleges and other post secondary education.
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