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HMS Challenger

Made by: Megan Lira

megan lira

on 20 January 2012

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Transcript of HMS Challenger

Thank you for your attention! The Science First thermometer to determine temp when in really deep water This is called the Negretti and Zambra Thermometer The People HMS Challenger Joseph Matkin educated at Oakham and Billesdon Parish Free School. The Journey Left at 12 years went to join the Merchant Marine Cape of Good Hope, one of boldest headlands in world This is the HMS Challenger Surrounded by mountains About 40 sq. miles Cape Alguhas is 80 miles to south east The Journey...continued Feburary 15, Challenger left for St. Thomas Diet of salted and dried food Octopus Marmoratus (Octopus Cyanea Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mollusca Class: Cephalopoda Order: Octopoda Family: Octopodidae Genus: Octopus Species: Octopus cyanea Size: 67-6500 grams Life Span: 12-15 months Has eight tentacles Plate: 6 Hope you enjoyed this! Has 2 eyes and is a type of octopus Simon's Bay
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