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Travel In Canada Assignment

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daBEEbail fffy

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Travel In Canada Assignment

The couple will spend their third day on relaxing activities. it will follow this plan: Travel in Canada Culminating assignment Accommodations Day 2 Day 3 Day 1 Day Four Transportation Candace and Jack will be traveling on a United Airlines flight from Orlando Airport to a stop-over in Charlotte, North Carolina, and then on to Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The couple will spend their first day in old Montreal learning of its history. They will use Montreal's excellent city busing to arrive there which should take about 28 minutes. Their day will go as follows: For the final day of their trip, Jack and Candace will visit a couple of the sites they missed before leaving. Their day will follow this plan: Client Profile Jack and Candace are a newly retired
couple from Florida looking to travel to Montreal, Quebec for a four day weekend. Because they are an older couple,
they are looking for a safe travel
experience with activities having to do with
sight seeing, the arts, culture, and
romance. They are now living on a retirees budget and would like to take every opportunity to save money wherever they can Both Jack and Candace dislike adventure travel
and travel requiring a good amount of physical activity. They enjoy relaxing activities such as massages and sightseeing tours. They will return on an American Airlines flight that will also stop over in Charlotte, North Carolina This round-trip airfare will cost about $962.14 for the both of them before taxes Itinerary Jack and Candace will be staying at the Hotel Espresso in downtown Montreal at a rate of 80$ per night it is a standard sized room with...
- one king size bed
- a full bathroom
- hairdryer
- free coffee/tea
- cable television
- free wireless internet - Visiting the Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archaeology and History
- Eating in the museums restaurant, L’Arrivage
- Going to the Centre d’histoire de Montréal a couple blocks away
- finally stoping for dinner at Le Local on 740 William Street The Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archeology and History was founded in 1992 as part of celebrations to mark Montreal's 350th birthday. It showcases major archaeological discoveries made on its premises starting from the 1980s.The Museum has artifacts from the First Nations Peoples of the Montreal region and aims to show how the cultures of Montreal coexisted and interacted. Pointe-à-Callière was recognized as a national historic site in 1998. L'arrivage is the glass-walled restaurant located above the Pointe-à-Callière museum in the Éperon building. It offers an exceptional view of the Old Port. The lunchtime table d’hôte menu, starts at $10.50. The Centre d'Histoire de Montréal was opened in 1983 and is run by the city of Montreal,it is a history museum and is housed in what used to be a fire station in 1903. With a collection of 2,500 historical artifacts as well as photographs and models, predominantly covering the 20th century, some exhibits go back as far as 1535. Le Local is a restaurant located in the heart of old Montreal with food that fall into the category of upscale bistro style. The couple will spend their second day in Montreal soaking up the city's beauty. It will go as follows - Eating Breakfast at St-Viateur Bagel & Café
- Visiting Olympic Park
- Visiting Mount Royal Park
- St. Joseph's Oratory St-Viateur Bagel & Café is a cafe that serves bagels primarily. they make a breakfast bagel with ham and eggs The Olympic Park is a park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which was home to the 1976 Summer Olympics. The Olympic stadium, Montreal Bio dome and Montreal tower built for the event still remain there for tourists to visit Originally landscaped by Frederick Law Olmsted, ( best known for working on New York City’s Central Park) Montreal's Mount royal park is recognized as one of the city's largest green spaces.The park has two belvederes, a semicircular plaza with a chalet, overlooking downtown Montreal, and a man made lake known as Beaver lake among its many features. Located on Mount-Royal, St. Joseph's Oratory is one of the world’s most visited shrines. Its dome reaches 97 meters and is second only in height to Saint-Peter’s basilica in Rome. - Brunch at Le Pois Penché
- an urban getaway spa treatment for two at Rainspa
- dining at Devi, an indian restaurant. Le Pois Penché is described as an upscale french bistro restaurant inspired by the style and spirit of Paris in the 1940's. They serve a brunch menu from 10 am to 6 pm. Rainspa is a spa located in old Montreal with cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff. they offer treatments such as microdermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and VelaSmooth® Spa anti-cellulite treatment. The Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal shows off what's new in cinema and film tech with an international program of over 300 films, multimedia installations, performances, conferences and events. Devi Montreal is a sister restaurant to one in New Delhi. It offers affordable, authentic, indian cuisine. - Breakfast at Poutine La Banquise
- Visiting Montreal Botanical Gardens
-Visiting Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
- Leaving Poutine la Banquise is a restaurant that is well known for its great poutine. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has one the highest attendance rates in Canadian museums. Its exhibits include a wide variety of artistic disciplines (fine arts, music, film, fashion, design) and feature innovative exhibition design. The Montréal Botanical Garden is located just minutes from downtown Montréal, right near the Biodôme and Olympic Park, and offers a world of colors and plant life for visitors to enjoy. It is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The museum includes plants from all around the world. Cost Plane: $962.14
Accommodations: $500
Food: $ 200- $250
Pointe: $28
Centre: $6
Olympic: $15
Spa: $308
Festival: $12
Fine Arts: $40 TOTAL: $ 2136.14 approx. The End By: Malik Campbell Sources: http://www.orbitz.com
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