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Top Research Tips

Click the arrows to view the tips in order or click a book title to skip ahead.

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Transcript of Top Research Tips

PR 9387.
9.A3 T54
HEW 7.11.3
You'll want to use more than one. Start with these:
The Harvard Library Portal
For every subject there is a librarian who can provide you with expert research assistance.


Not sure how to find historic newspapers?
Need help finding Anthropology journals?

Allows you to request an item from a partner library (Yale, U. of Chicago, etc.). It takes 4 business days or less for the item to arrive.

Harvard Library will borrow an item on your behalf from another US or international library. It takes 12 days or less to arrive.

You can also use ILL to request scanned PDF copies of journal articles or book chapters that Harvard does not own. You'll receive your article in 3-5 business days.

Extended Loans
Recalling Books

Time Saving
Research Tools

QH365.D2 D53
Top Ten Research Tips for GSAS Students
As a Harvard graduate student you now have access to one of the world's great libraries.
Sometimes navigating this system can be a challenge, even for experienced researchers.
These peer-reviewed tips will help you research and use library resources more effectively.

Harvard Depository
Scan and Deliver
Research Librarians

QB991.B54 H39
Individual library websites. They provide further information about each of our libraries.
As a GSAS student you'll also want to bookmark the Harvard College Library website:
The extended loan program allows G1-G3 students to check out materials for up to a term. You also have the option of renewing items up to 5 times.


Research Management Tools (Zotero, RefWorks, Endnote, Mendeley, etc.) can help you collect, store, and manage citation information.

These tools save a lot of time. For example they can automatically produce bibliographies and footnotes.
Don't have time to hunt through the stacks? Studying abroad?

No problem, with Scan & Deliver you can have portions of journals or books scanned and emailed to you.
Simply find the book or journal you want in HOLLIS+. Then click on the Scan & Deliver link. The PDF will be emailed to you within 1-4 business days.
There are also many scanners located in the libraries. You can make free scans and save them to a flash drive or email them to yourself.
Getting Items
From Non-Harvard Libraries
HD is the Harvard Depository, which is located off campus. It houses about half of Harvard's library collections.
If the book you need is checked out, in addition to Borrow Direct, you have the option of recalling it.

You can reserve study carrels at many libraries. For more information visit:
While the process may not always be straightforward, the end results are well worth the time and effort.
We have guides on these topics and more!
Widener Library
Harvard-Yenching Library

They can help you get to know the collections and resources you'll need.

You can meet with them one-on-one to talk about your research needs.
To place these requests look for the "Not available at Harvard?" heading in the item's HOLLIS+ record.

Get to know your liaison librarians!
We also may be able to purchase an item for the collection on your behalf. To place a purchase request visit:
Study carrels provide you with your own space to work and keep your research materials.

Harvard has over 70 libraries. Before you become busy with work take a chance to explore.
Every library is distinctive and they all have fantastic resources. You will get to know which are most important for your work.

Widener is Harvard's largest library and is located in the Yard. Its collection is strongest in the humanities and social sciences. Weekly tours are offered throughout the year:

Edna Kuhn Loeb Music Library
Lamont Library
Cabot Science Library
Fung Library

HOLLIS+ will tell you if an item is at HD. It will also give you an option to request it, which takes 1 business day (allow for more time on holidays and weekends).

Borrow Direct:

Interlibrary Loan (ILL):
This option applies to Widener, Fine Arts, and the Loeb Music Library. Apply for the program here:
Study Carrels
Library Websites
Find even more great libraries and study spaces here:
Anna's Insider Tip:

Anna's Insider Tip

For every subject area librarians create online guides on useful resources for research.
Don't know where to start with research in Astrobiology?
Some libraries also offer workshops on research strategies and tools. Look for information about classes on the Library Calendar:

Cammi's Insider Tip:
Cammi's Insider Tip:
Anna's Insider Tip:
Or visit our "Get It" page:
If the item you want is not on the shelf or Harvard doesn't own it, you can still get it!
They allow you to work near the books you need. You can also check books out to your carrel.

You can learn more about these tools and see a list of workshops on the Research Management Tools at Harvard website:
Get tips about searching Harvard's catalog, HOLLIS+, with this HOLLIS+ Quick Tips webpage.
Here are a few to get you started:
Harvard Map Collection
You can submit questions anytime to our virtual Ask-A-Librarian service.
Research librarians will respond to your question within 24 hours.
Anna's Insider Tip:
You can also text your questions to:
- a -
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