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How to Save Money in College

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Breanna Martinez

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of How to Save Money in College

How to Save Money in College
Wait for sales (semi annuals)
Sign up to emails
Take care of the clothes you already have, the better you take care of your clothes, the longer they will last
Learn how to style clothes in different ways
Food and Snacks
Sign up for rewards (free birthday meals)
Buy store bought, they are often packaged by the same distributors of name brand products
Plan meals at the beginning of each week

Books and Supplies for College
Buy online
Buy used books
Share a book
Rent books
Check the Library

Recreation and Entertainment
Go to a drive in movie with friends or stay in and watch a movie
Go to nearby library
Go to local park
Play with puzzles or board games
Read a book

Housing and Utilities
DIY Maintenance/repairs, there are free seminars at home depot
Refinance your mortgage
If you rent try to decrease rent every time your lease it up for renewal.
Use your stove in the summer and oven in winter to save power
Buy energy efficient appliances
Creative Gifts
Bake something
Buy them snacks
Shop the clearance
Give them a gift card
Pre-buy gifts on seasonal sales
Creative Date Ideas
Roast marshmallows around a backyard fire pit.
Hold a movie marathon
Go sledding and warm up with hot cocoa afterward
Challenge each other to a video game competition
Scavenger hunt
Our Family Secrets

Reuse Water
Yard Sales
Hand me dowms / Preowned
Wash clothes in bulk
Salvation Army
Food for Less
Dollar Tree
On foot
By: Breanna Martinez, Amanda Diaz, Esmeralda Rosales, Angela Flores
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