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Copy of 3D Atom - Free Prezi Template

A 3D remake of the free & reusable atom Prezi Template. Download this template from prezibase.com or simply hit the Make a copy button

amouri youssef

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 3D Atom - Free Prezi Template

LCVP candidate 14/15
My AIESEC experience:
Ensuring growth and development of functional area
building role model leadership attitude,values and culture in department
research internal and external : monthly pool analysis of TNs
is the responsible of planning in synergy with TM department
will guarantee the preparation and the delivery
Matching and coordinate by keeping touch with team
ensuring the team management by : evaluation , activities and tasks , motivation and coordination
working in cooperation with other departments
Implementation of the service learning and matching upgraded

Talent capacity
Customer loyalty
for students
What is action plan ?
An action plan is a document that lists what steps must be taken in well performed structure , in order to achieve a specific goal. This strategy of success has three major elements :
(1) Specific tasks: what will be done and by whom.
(2) Time horizon: when will it be done.
(3) Resource allocation: what specific funds are available for specific activities.
With the PAI
OGX member
Pocket recrutement responsible in OGX department
OCVP Im and COM in Discover program
Event responsible in Summer Camp project
oGIP manager
OCVP logistic and Finance in Educate Me project (First Edition)
NCB member in legality department
OCVP Service Delegate in TuLDS confrence
NST manager ( coach of new SU Tacapes in OGX term)
oGIP coordinater (working with 3 managers)
Delegate in MENA XLDS

Right results
Right people
Right process
-JD for each member.
- Focus and engagement of TMP and TLP
-Product understanding
-Belief in Gen15
-people who believe in the aim of the organisation
-XD evry month

-Integrated experience for EPs
-Learning cycle for both members and EPs
-working with L&D system
-Team work
-Align with MC in Global Talent
-Reward and recognition system (wiki)
-Delivry time

50 realizations
Quality in every experience
The right EP with the right expectations
Working in cooperation with Com department (Conversion)
Building a customer relationship with students
The exchange opportunities can give the access to youth people to participate in our programs not only for AIESEC'ers
Doing the tracking (mostly during the internship)and show the good attitude with the EP to make him/her motivated and excited to have a new XP
Evaluate detractor issues and work on it to improve it

External and internal research to identify product in market
Analays past realizations
build a strong marketing plan based on GTCM

Education and teaching languages :
Job :
English teaching in schools or companies for 3 or 6 months
Top Destinations :

Brazil , Egypt , MoC , Russia , Turkey , India , Indonisiea
Management traineeship:
Job :
Market research , international marketing and sales for 6 or 12 months
Top destinations :
India , G
ermany , Turkey , Romania , Egypt , Sri Lanka
Information technology:
Job :

Web application development , Mobile application devolopment, Software development and database for 6 to 12 months
Top Destinations :

India , Germany , Brazil , Columbia , denmark , Norway
-Opening of new Su

Sub products

-To make a partnership,first of all we have to be sure that the country which we are going to work with we'll not have a circumstance of
(if it needs) before signing the cooperation
- In the agreement that we are going to sign we need to put all the details (
EP rights and TN rights
), RA,MA,RE period, Minimum quality deliver
(EP lead , Integration and support)

Time line and pick
Peak 1 of Re

This peak will start from half of January to half of february , so we have to make the peak of raise starting from October and the match just after finishing the raise process (EP campaign,interview .. )

is a program that is going to have as a timeline :
-Virutal EP comaign : First days of October -Physical EP compaign : The mid-October PS : This project is in collaboration with the organisation

Peak 2 of Re
relevance of oGIP and starting virtual EP compaign
April and Mai:
Physical compaignand starting the match based on partnerships
June and July:
OPS and induction
start of realizations


-AIESEC support during the exchange from RA to RE
-working with inner and outer journey system to deliver leadership trough exchange
-develop soft skills for EPs (conference)
-OutGoing Preparation Seminar
-weekly meeting with EPs to , evaluation and exchange preparation
-Involve EPs in AIESEC activities and reintegration
-Induction by working with TM department
-Build a culture of caring from members to EPs by strong communication
-Working with EP contract
Fast and simply process

oGIP Framework
IT manager
MT manager
ET manager
Conversion manager
-Promotion support (physical and virtual)
-creating follow ups
-EP raising management
-Organisation of physical EP compaines and virtual with com depatment
-Physical EP preparetion by meetings and virtual by webinars
-organisation of OutGoing Preparetion seminar
-searching suitable partnerships focused in your sub product
-ensuring the follow up of EPs while abroad

Convert people after attracting them by Com department
Organizing virtual compaign
Working with BI tools
(ORS /OP /NPS)and making reports
insuring synergy with MKG responsible

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality , oGIP is our vision
Any questions ??
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