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an overview of the Alabama Alternate Assessment

Briana Horton

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of AAA

Is the assessment given to students with severe cognitive disabilities.
It is administered in the subject areas of reading, math and science
It is a portfolio assessment meaning teachers can teach, assess, and collect evidence all year long What is it? What do we do? How do we do it? Goal 3 pieces of evidence is collected for every standard Evidence Types The highest level of complexity the student could possibly be expected to achieve should be selected THE AAA 2013 Testing window AAA COLLECT EVIDENCE! worksheets/teacher tests
work samples
audio/video recordings
written performance summary The
Alabama Alternate
Eligibility IEP team decision
IQ 55 or below Who can take it? Curriculum Revised 2006
Standards Ex: 7th grade = 30 pieces of evidence 200+ COLLECT Attach to every piece of evidence! 200 pieces of evidence
200 cover sheets Standards assistance Independent Support Prompting Do not confuse with accommodations Rubric
Complexity—one to four points
Assistance—one to three points
Content mastery
0 points for 0-24%
1 point for 25-49%
2 points for 50-74%
3 points for 75-100% Scoring
Student 2
Complexity (Level 2) 2 points
Assistance (Independent) 3 points
Mastery (75-100%) 3 points
Total Score 8 points Let's Compare Rumor - Complexity level correlates with proficiency level Student 1
Complexity (Level 3) 3 points
Assistance (Support) 1 point
Mastery (25-49%) 1 point
Total Score 5 points 24 out of 30 15 out of 30 Select the highest complexity level a student can work at most independently and receive the most mastery TIPS, SUGGESTIONS, AND THINGS TO CHEW ON April 15 - May 3 "The Triple A" The complexity taught and tested may vary by extended standard.
R. ES 4.1—Complexity 3
R. ES 4.2—Complexity 2
R. ES 4.3—Complexity 4
R. ES 4.4—Complexity 2
R. ES 4.5—Complexity 1 Extended Standards Complexity Complete form
R. ES 7.1
Include accuracy A Closer Look worksheets -10 item rule work samples photos audio/video recordings written performance summaries -produced/manipulated by student; don't confuse with worksheets; represent standard only; fit in envelope -attach to another sheet of paper; put in sequential order; get 2nd opinion -<5 minutes; include script; make sure it works -very detailed description of activity; include everything used (books, coins, sounds, numbers, letters, etc.); cover sheet needed but not task summary
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