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Map Of Italy

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on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Map Of Italy

Map Of Italy
On our trip, we ate at many places including Mc'Donald's and our total was $25.32.
Food / Expense
On are trip , we are using Delta Airlines. We will board the plane in Atlanta and we will get off in Rome,Italy. Our expense for our first flight is $3,354 including hotel and a limousine. Our flight back from Rome to Atlanta will cost $5,667.
Lodging /Expense

We are staying at the Radisson Blues Hotel. Our expense is $3,354 including flight and limousine service.
Packing List
We brought regular clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc, electronics, swimsuits, purse, wallet, and extra pillows and blankets on our trip to Italy.
The weather will be sunny the whole time we are there and the average temperature during our trip will be 72degrees

Activities / Expense
Day 1- Colosseum: $0.70; Day 2-Gondola Ride down Grand Canal: $0.08; Day 3-Leaning Tower of Pisa: $2.00; Day 4- Shopping for Souvenirs: $218.54;Day 5-Water Amusement Park: $100.00;Day 6- Amusement Park: $300.00; Day 7-9-Stay at Hotel: Free; Day 10-Plane Ride Home: $5,667.00
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