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Freezing Liquids

No description

Danielle Schaeffer

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Freezing Liquids

If I freeze different liquids then, they will not freeze into a solid cube.


Water begins to expand at 39 degrees Fahrenheit.
If other substances are added to water it lowers its freezing point.
The substance arranges itself between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms.
An example of this is when the ocean with its high salt content has a lower freezing point.
Dish soap water
Salt water
Lemon water
Orange Juice
Filtered water
Ice cube tray
1 Tablespoon measuring spoon
Spoon and fork
(The ice cube tray that was used allowed for 21 small cubes to be made total. Therefore three of each substance. It was an array of 3x21 cubes.)
Data Collected
Freezing Liquids
Independent: The different liquids used: dish soap water, coke, coffee, salt water, lemon water, orange juice.
Dependent: Whether the liquids freeze or not.
Constant: The filtered water
While skimming pinterest I wondered if some liquids actually freeze solid enough to work in the way that they are intended.
I decided to test some liquids to see if they would freeze.
All liquids ended up freezing, so 7 out of 7 froze solid
The dish soap water froze but was slimey
The coke seemed liquidy on the edges but was frozen solid.
The Orange juice was solid but broke apart easily with a fork.
All the liquids turned more opaque then when they started.
Salt water
Dish Soap Water
Lemon Water
*Filtered water
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