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Tone Vs. Mood

No description

Peyton Ramser

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Tone Vs. Mood

Tone Vs. Mood
Learning Target: I can distinguish between tone and mood in a text.

Show what you already know!
What's the tone of the piece?
Listen to each of these clips and try to identify the tone and overall mood. Think adjectives like happy, sad, exciting etc.
So what is tone?
What is mood,then?
Mood is overall feeling or emotion created in the reader. Tone helps to establish the mood and the mood is what makes us interested in the movie, song or text!
Words that describe tone
Tone has the power to completely change the message of a piece and in turn, the mood. Watch these examples to see!
When the tone changes in a piece of work, the mood can be altered completely. If you don't understand the tone being conveyed, it's possible you won't understand the piece at all!
Words to describe mood
Calm Annoyed
Content Anxious
Contemplative Apathetic
Refreshed Confused
Playful Envious
Read each of the provided excerpts from various short stories. In your notebook, using your list of tone and mood words, answer the following questions for each piece:
1.What is the tone of the piece?
2. What words helped you to find the tone?
3. What is the mood you get based on that tone?

Tone is the author or speaker's attitude about something. In literature, the tone comes from the author, in music, the composer.
Tone is often communicated
through language/word choices the author uses. His/Her language will reveal his perspective/opinion (that is, whether it is positive/negative) about the subject.

Amused Ironic
Angry Sad
Cheerful Playful
Clear Serious
Formal Suspicious
Gloomy Witty
A change in the tone of the dialogue presented gave the piece a whole new meaning.
And again here!
Mood is the feeling that fills a literary work with the intention of evoking a certain emotion from the audience. In drama, mood may be created by sets and music as well as words; in poetry and prose, mood may be created by a combination of such elements as SETTING, VOICE, TONE and THEME.
What did you learn about mood and tone today? How do you think the practice went? Did you feel successful at the end? Was one piece harder for you? If so,which one?
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