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Psychological Analysis of Dexter Morgan

No description

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Psychological Analysis of Dexter Morgan

Psychological Analysis of Dexter Morgan
Who is Dexter Morgan?
Adoptive son of Doris and Harry Morgan
Blood splatter analyst for Miami-Metro police department
Brother to Debra Morgan
Father to Harrison Morgan
Step-father to Astor and Cody Bennett
Serial Killer
Childhood-Teenage Years
understanding of "Harry's Code"
utter being as a killer
kill for a purpose
elaborate mask to hide who, or what, he really is
incredibly liked
full grasp on how to seem normal
top of his class in medical school
first kill
beginning of ritual
relationship with Rita
"She's as damaged as I am."
kills over 100 people
Antisocial Personality
Otherwise known as a sociopath or psychopath.
What made this antihero so likeable to viewers?
Why Dexter?
witnessed mother being murdered
Harry's CI (confidential informant)
adopted by Harry Morgan
dark tendencies and blood-lust
early signs of a serial killer
discovery of animal bones
Dark Passenger
"Harry's Code"
"Don't get caught."
never kill innocent
poor attempts to fit in
no interest in romance or sex
persuasive patterns
disregard/violation of rights of others
lack of moral sense/conscience
lack of remorse
Characterized by:
Dexter's Symptoms
lack of empathy
kills to fill emptiness
strict routine
kill room
incapable of keeping relationships
"There are no secrets in life; just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface."

Repressed memories: memory that is unconsciously blocked due to the high level of stress or trauma contained in that memory

1. Normality
2. Addiction and compulsion
3. Troubled childhood
4. Dexter rationalizes, therefore you rationalize
5. Secret identity
6. Anti-social behavior, but great social skills
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