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Physics is the Pioneer Science

No description

Cristian Cabigting

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Physics is the Pioneer Science

*Physics deals with the interaction of matter and energy.
*An unacceptable theory is comprehensive yet simple.It has a predictive power.
*The scientific method consists of the following steps:

a)Identifying a problem, b)collecting data relevant to the problem, c)analyzing data, d)expressing relationships mathematically, e)verifying relationships under the same conditions for the other cases, f)stating a hypothesis or theory
Physics, Technology, and Society
Physics is different from technology.Technology yields inventions,physics provides explanations of the natural world.Technology is concerned with the practical applications of scientific laws and theories.
Physics and Mathematics
Physics has progressed using the tools of mathematics.On the other hand,mathematics has developed from its association with physics .Differential calculus and integral calculus were developed by Newton to cope with the problem of motion and rates.Vector analysis arose as a tool of mechanics.
Physics is the pioneer science.Its development into a full blown science is largely attributed to the successful work of Galileo and Newton.Moreover,the concepts of younger sciences,like chemistry, are reducible to those of physics.Like all other sciences though,physics employs the scientific method.It deals with the basic nature of all matter and various ways that matter interacts with each other
Physics is the Pioneer Science
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