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Function 2B: Biomechanics Course

No description

Tom Young

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Function 2B: Biomechanics Course

Function 2B: Biomechanics Course
Thomas Young DC, DACBSP

Arrive on time
Computers encouraged, just not online poker, etc
Ask Questions!!!

Class and lab are more fun and directed by your curiosity
when you ask relevant questions. If you sit and passively learn it will be a LONG BORING quarter

Syllabus: lists class hours, contact information, exam dates,
course outcomes, equipment, and expectations

Course Outline: Week-by-week calendar of what will be covered

Orthos List: List of tests to be covered in lab with page #’s in references (READ AHEAD!!!)

Detailed Rubric: Shows what I’m grading on in lab

Resources Posted on Blackboard

Appropriate Attire
Need to see what we need to see, touch what we need to touch, move what we need to move… WITHOUT seeing anything we don’t

Equipment for OSCE will be provided
For labs/practicing, you will need:
Reflex Hammer
Cloth Tape Measure

Lab Equipment

These are the primary references you will need for the course.
Levangie for lecture, Evans for orthos, Hoppenfeld for MRS


Other Good Textbooks


Formative Quizzes
Summative Exam
Group Project
Practical Exam
Total 250
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