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Artaud's Manifesto on 'No More Masterpieces'

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Sarah Murdoch-Smith

on 28 October 2010

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Transcript of Artaud's Manifesto on 'No More Masterpieces'

Antonin Artaud. "Past masterpieces are fit for the past, they are no good to us. We have the right to say what has been said and even what has not been said in a way that belongs to us, responding in a direct and straightforward manner to present-day feelings everybody can understand." "Let dead poets make way for the living." "We are not free and the sky can still fall on our heads.
And above all else, theatre is made to teach us this." "It is senseless to criticise the masses for having no sense of the sublime...
and if for example:the masses today no longer understand Oedipus Rex,
I would venture to say Oedipus Rex is at fault as a play and not the masses. I
n Oedipus Rex there is the incest theme and the idea that nature does not
give a rap for morality." The public, which mistakes the bogus for truth, has the sense of what is true and always reacts to it when it appears. Today, however, we must look for it in the street, not on stage Bibliography:

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The Drumming Song (karaoke instrumental) by Florence and the Machine, JesseLCue, youtube, January 28, 2010
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