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Samsung Galaxy S5

No description

Grelle Sutcliff

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Samsung Galaxy S5

Presented By: Kenna Fung & Michelle Liang

Current Events:
Gotta Be Mobile. "Samsung Galaxy S5: 7 New & Important Details." Date of publishing March 12, 2014.

Business Financial Post. "Samsung Galaxy S5 sales may suffer slow start amid South Korean carriers’ sales ban." Date of publishing March 10, 2014.

Tech Advisor. "Samsung Galaxy S5: Release date, price and specs in the UK" Date of publishing March 18, 2014.

Australia International Business Times. "Sony Xperia Z2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs and Price Comparison in Australia." Date of publishing March 11, 2014.

The Inquirer. "Factory fire could stall Samsung Galaxy S5 production" Date of publishing March 10, 2014.

International Business Times. "Samsung Galaxy S5 For T-Mobile Gets 300K Pre-Sale Inquiries, Carrier Gets Its S5 Preview Unit, Advertising Upcoming Device
On Galaxy S4." Date of publishing March 9, 2014.

Reuters. "Officials praise Samsung's Galaxy S5 antitheft features." Date of publishing April 4, 2014.

Taylor Digital. "Samgung Galaxy S5: Who is the target market?" Date of publishing March 14, 2014.

Samsung. "About Samsung" Accessed April 8, 2014.
Worldwide Customers
Electronic Retailers
Samsung Company
Samsung Galaxy S5
Design and Features:





Dust Proof and Water Resistant
16-Megapixel Camera
Built-In Heart Rate Monitor
Wi-fi/Bluetooth Access
4 P's of marketing:
Target Market
Factory Fire Stall Samsung S5 Production
My Life Powered By Samsung Galaxy
GPS Navigation
Noise Cancellation
Touch Screen
Fingerprint Scanner
T-Mobile Preview Samsung
Advertise Upcoming Device
S5 Sales Suffer by South Korean Sales Ban?
Samsung Galaxy S5: 6 New Details
UK Samsung Galaxy S5
Officials Praise Samsung galaxy s5 Anti-theft features

1. Find My Mobile - Tracks down your phone.

2. Reactivation Lock - Requires the owner's
account information to reset the phone.

* Installed in the phone, but must be activated by users.

Core Concept

1. With new features, the S5 entices customers to keep an eye out for the next big phone release while promoting their device. An even better phone for people who love the newest technology brings excitement to future gadgets. :D However :'(, I understand that problems occur during production possibly hindering Samsung's overall sale success and that a lot of work goes through creating a new phone.

Youtube. "Samsung GALAXY S5 - Official Introduction." Date of publishing March 4, 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5 took many hardships and cups of coffee to produce and will henceforth be called the "Phone of the Future" with amazing new features and details that will last for years to come.

What is a Samsung Galaxy S5?
What are the features and benefits?
What is the marketing strategy?
Who is the target market?
Who are the constituents?
What current issues affect the S5?
Product: Samsung Galaxy S5
Price: $199.99 on contract & $599.99 outright
Placement: T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T
Promotion: Ads, Webpage, News articles, Promotional videos
Main Idea:
1. Long Battery Life ~ Workers, Phone-centered users
2. High Quality Camera ~ Travelers, Photographers
3. Heart Rate Sensor ~ Athletes, People who exercise

4. New features ~ All phone users and techies
S5 Suffer Sales from South Korea Sales Ban
United Kingdom Samsung Galaxy S5
Factory Fire Stall Samsung S5 Production
Samsung Galaxy S5 New Details
T-mobile Previews S5
Officials Praise Samsung S5 Anti-Theft Features
S. Korea release - 1st to try S5
45 day gov. sale ban
penalty for subsiding phones for more $
prevent 3 top operators from upgrades
need max sales or low publicity
lower selling momentum
increase sales by including free app./services

circuit board factory catch fire
1 Billion in damages
no big delay other contracted manufacturers
Possibly short supply

preview device
300,000+ pre-sale inquiries
pre-order for interested
- addition: handset contest
- pay termination fee
2. Samsung Galaxy S5 is a new technology; an upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S4. I don't know much about cell phones since I don't own a phone, but from ads, I am persuaded to assume that Samsung Galaxy S5 contains a magnificent premium camera along with anti-theft features.
1. Release date on April 11th in 150 countries around the world.
2. Pre-orders Available
3. T-Mobile offering 16GB & 32GB Galaxy S5 models.
4. Color Options
5. Premium Camera
6. Galaxy S5 Accessories
Free Anti-Theft Features Includes
Unveiled Galaxy S5 at Barcelona on February 24, 2014
Copper Gold Model of Samsung Galaxy S5
Battery Boost
69 British Pound for a Samsung Galaxy S5
HD Screen with HDR ( High dynamic Range imaging)
electronics company
multinational conglomerate corporation
South Korean
founded in 1938
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