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Religions of the Renaissance

No description

Eliza Maddox

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Religions of the Renaissance

By: Nia, Kaitlan, Eliza, Awadi
Reformation of the Church
By the early 1500s the Church was calling for a change.
Some of the reasons were;
Corrupt Leaders
The Church Becoming to Wealthy
Over Involvement with Politics
Catholic Reforms
Religous Wars
The Reformation also gave the people a voice which lead to self-government. In the new Churches you elected your own leaders and made your own rules.
Important Persons:
Martin Luther
Catholic reformers created new religious orders or communities in southern Europe to make people go back to the Catholic Church and turn them against Protestantism
In 1562 a war broke out between the French Catholics and the Protestants and lasted for decades
In the holy roman empire the king of Bohemia forced all of his people to become catholic, which started the Thirty Years' War
Luther is the priest responsible for the ninety-five theses which lead to the church splitting, and those who protested became known as Protestants.
He also translated the Bible so that those who didn't speak Greek or Latin could read it for themselves
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