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Plotline- Before I fall

No description

Brittany Voigts

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Plotline- Before I fall

Rising Action Resolution Plot line-Before I Fall
by:Lauren Oliver Exposition Climax Falling Action Sam is one of the most popular girls at her school, she has everything she needs: cutest boyfriend, rich family, and outgoing friends. After a party, Sam and her friends get in a car crash and Sam is the one that ends up "dead". Over the next 7 days, Sam has to relive the night that changed everything until she dies with a good conscious and reputation. On the first day reliving February 12th, Sam doesn't realize that she is repeating the same day that she "died" on. For the first 2 days Sam doesn't realize that she needs to change the way she lived before, all she remembers was the day before prior to the crash, she had no memory of the day she was now reliving. As the days progress Sam learns from each of the days. that her friend group bullies people, so she tries to be the leader and stand for herself Sam breaks up with her boyfriend Rob, because he was using her, Sam then falls in love with Kent (old neighbor best friend). But Kent doesn't realize that Sam is changing for the good, and he just remembers her as the girl that broke his heart back in elementary school. Sam then wants to change the decision that Juliet Sykes is thinking of. Juliet is a girl that is an outsider and someone that nobody likes. On the 4th day of repeating February 12th, Juliet committed suicide due to the constant bullying and harassment of Sam and her friends. On the 5th day, Sam tries to become friends with Juliet, so Juliet can feel included and apart of something instead of ending her life. On the 6th day, Sam realizes that she was reliving this day to help save a life, because her life was going to be gone. She decides to make EVERYTHING better right before she leaves earth completely, by helping the people she cares about and has memorable relationships with. A way Sam thought she could get out of repeating this day, was trying to avoid her everyday normal life. She didn't go to school or the party, and didn't get into any car with her friends. Instead she stayed home and spent time with her little sister Izzy. But just like all the other days she woke up on that February day and only gained the memory with her sister and the importance of her family. In the end, Sam officially dies. But in return she saves a life that deserved to be saved, and that was Juliet Sykes. Sam learns the importance of life and how you have to live it with no regrets. She changed all the problems she had in her life, and she developed into a caring person. Time was running out for Sam and Juliet, so she had to make a thoughtful decision that could impact both of their lives. The 7th Day; Sam goes to school and breaks up with Rob again, she does this so she can tell her true feelings to Kent. During lunch she finds Juliet and tries to talk to her about the party, but Juliet gets uncomfortable and leaves. While getting ready for the party Sam is overwhelmed with the feelings that this is her last day alive. She also feels a lot of pressure on herself as they drive to the party, because she needs to find Juliet. At the party Sam is overwhelmed with the amount of people bumping into her and talking to her. Kent is worried about Sam because she is frantically looking throughout the house for "someone" important. Juliet arrives to the party, but Lindsay dumped beer on her head and shoved her around the room. So Juliet runs into the bathroom and locks herself in. Sam breaks the door down, but Juliet escaped from the window. Sam follows behind Juliet as she gets farther into the woods nearby the house. Since Juliet doesn't know that Sam is behind her she starts to draw near the road, that has plenty of cars racing on by. As Juliet gets closer to the road, Sam screams "Don't do it!" and leaps for Juliet knocking her into the ditch alongside the road. This is the last pages of the book and it now flash forwards, to Sam is floating away from her body. Sam feels good about saving a life, over hers. Sam can now leave the physical earth, with carefree guilt about her life.
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