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Amy Otteson

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of POP ART PRIINTS

an art style heavily influenced by pop culture.
Pop artists made use of everyday objects in their art
"I like boring things."
Andy Warhol
, March, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Andy Warhol
How we will create our prints.
. Print this full sheet of foam
. squeeze a small amount of ink onto a plexiglass plate.
. Use the brayer to create an even amount of ink
. roll the ink evenly onto the foam.
. Press the foam face down onto the printing paper.
. Create at least 3 good prints
We are going to create pop art style prints using styrofoam as the printing plate.

Printing Plate_ The surface on which you create the image that you will transfer.

Brayer: a printmaking tools used to roll ink.
1. Draw 3 thumbnails of possible animal ideas
Use the printing techniques demonstrated in class
2. Draw your final animal choice onto paper.
an art media involving ink and transfering an image
was one of the most famous american
POP artists.
4. Print the Animal
Pick a complimentary color.
Andy Warhol was famous for his prints of Campbells soup cans.
3. Tape your drawing over the printing foam and use a dull pencil or other blunt tool to press
down on the lines of just the outline of the subject. Take the paper off and press down
again to make sure the marks are deep enough to make proper prints
.5. Cut out the subject along the line
that was pressed down last time.

6. Now print with this piece directly
on top of the original prints.
use at least one set of
complimentary colors.
On the final day of printing, cut out a small detail that makes sense to print in a
third color. Then, you guessed it, print this piece right on top of the original prints.

7.Print a 3rd Color
Use the final sketch sheet. This is what size your final animal drawing needs to be.
8.Mount 2 prints onto a piece of black construction paper.
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