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Blood Is Thicker

Book Talk

Brittany Burch

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Blood Is Thicker

Main Characters(exposition) -Hakeem Randall (Protagonist)
-Savon(Antagonist) Crisis/Climax Book Talk Blood Is Thicker Minor Characters(exposition) -Uncle James-Hakeem's uncle, Savon's father
-Aunt Lorraine-Hakeem's Aunt,Savon's mother
-Charlene-Hakeem's Sister
-Charmaine-Hakeem's Sister, Charlene's Twin
-Mom-Hakeem, Charlene, And Charmaine Mother
-Dad-Hakeem, Charlene, And Charmaine Father Man V.S. Man(Conflict) -Hakeem Randall was told to keep an eye on his cousin Savon, Who thinks he's a thug.
-Hakeem must share a room with Savon, And Keep his mouth shut about anything he see Savon do that might get Savon in trouble. Savon goes through Hakeem belongings and leaves evidence (ex. Savon Leaves the notebook open that he went through) .When Hakeem gets home he see's the book open and knows Savon Went Through it. Hakeem also thought that Savon Was doing bad things like gang banging or murdering other. Since Hakeem Thought That Savon Was Doing Violent Things, Hakeem decided to follow Savon and his boys to find out what
Savon was doing. When Hakeem reached where he followed his cousin to he realized
Savon was a rapper. After seeing his cousin perform Hakeem got jumped in the bathroom and savon and his "homies" were there to save him. Resolution/ Falling Action -The tone was serious because when Savon and Hakeem got in altercations it seemed that they were both serious.
-The Mood Was Mystery because when Savon raised his voice it seemed as if he wanted to fight Hakeem. Tone/ Mood
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