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Sambia ~The making of a man~

No description

Brenda McCulley

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Sambia ~The making of a man~

~The Making of a Man~ The Sambian Tribes of New Guinea,initiation plays a huge role in the making of men. Men initiation can last for a series of ten years. The events of the initiation is unknown to outsiders and is carried out by Sambia's men secret society Initiation for this tribe begins at the age of seven STAGE 1 the uninitiated boy’s skin is pierced as a way of discarding any external contamination from women. The boys are required to engage in heavy nose-bleeding! STAGE 2 They are also forced to eat sugarcane to stimulate vomiting and defecation. STAGE 3 remove a pubic hair and hand it to one of the men who then, places the hairs into the trunk of a pandanus tree. http://milena.27designs.com/ STAGE 4 A formal marrige ceremony takes place in the hamlet or cult house the youths are taught purification techniques STAGE 5 men must purify themselves of any contamination that might have been brought upon them by their wife.Includes NoseBleeding! STAGE 6 During the final stage the male is living with his wife. In order to complete his full manhood he must have two children! The births of the first three born are celebrated, since after that time it is obvious that the man has the complete capability of reproduction.
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