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New Media & Communication

Information about the CS Bachelor Course 'New Media and Communication'

Willem Pieterson

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of New Media & Communication

New Media & Communication
CS Bachelor Course Willem Pieterson
w.j.pieterson@utwente.nl The angle of Communication Studies New Media? 1960s: Internet 1970s: email 1990s: WWW 2000s: Social Media Yes! The 'new' media are still new.. How to design new media
- From a user perspective

Relevant issues:
- Usability
- Accessibility
- Human-Computer Interaction Adoption of new media The design of new media Some example questions or.. Do we want this? ..this.. ..or.. ..this.. ..or.. ..this? How to design new media from the perspective of the user? For example in organizations Key question: what (new) media to deploy to communicate effectively? And what about
negative aspects? How did this guy effectively used the new media? Willem Pieterson | w.j.pieterson@utwente.nl The course at a glance: Semester 2
For INF: 9 Lectures, 5 EC
6 workshops (werkcolleges): voluntary

Four blocks
Introduction (3 lectures)
Design of new media (2 lectures)
Adoption of new media (2 lectures)
Use and Effects (2 lectures)

Examination: written exam - The role of new media in human behavior
(broad) and communication (narrow) This is done through three related topics: The Use and Effects of New Media How do users adopt new media

Relevant issues:
- Adoption processes
- Diffusion of innovations
- Acceptance models How do people use new media
and what are the effects?

Relevant issues:
- New vs. old media
- Digital inequality
- Role of networks
- Future developments Design Adoption Use&Effects Combined: the course gives you an overview
of the main theories, research, trends and issues
in new media and communication
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