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Kate Middleton

No description

Olivia Beach

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Kate Middleton

Early Life
Schooling cont.
Kate and Will
Kate Middleton
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (better know as Kate) was born on January 9, 1982

Her parents names were Carole and
Michael, and she had two younger siblings, pippa and James.
Carole started a company called
Party Pieces in 1987. The family
became millionaires.
Kate was sent to a private school called St. Andrews School.
Kate was athletic. She played hockey, tennis and volleyball.
Kate graduated from St. Andrews School in 1995.
Kate was shy and homesick, and because she arrived at Marlborough in the middle of the year, it was tricky to make friends.
Kate graduated from Marlborough
in 2000
Kate started to attend a school called the Downe House, an all girl boarding school, but switched to a different boarding school, called Marlborough college.
Kate's Family

Before Kate headed of to college, she decided to take a gap year.
She studied art history in Italy and Chile for a year.
In 2001, Kate enrolled at St. Andrews in Scotland.
She was majoring in art history. It was there at
St. Andrews that Kate met Prince William
He was in one of her classes.
Will started feeling very homesick, and considered
moving to a college closer to home.
To prevent Will from leaving, Kate suggested
Will switch his major to Geography.
The two planned to share an apartment
the next year with two other friends.

In November 2002, Kate went to a party
with Will, and in May 2003, they went to a
charity ball together.

Kate avoided the hounding media at all costs.
They took to calling Will and Kate "His Highness
and Her Shyness."
In 2004, will announced he was going to Africa to visit an old friend, Jessica Craig. The media reported the relationship was in trouble.
The two started dating

The royal family loved kate, and wondered if an engagement was coming.

Kate and will graduated from St. Andrews in may 25, 2005. Many people thought that the relationship would end.
it was suddenly hard for Kate. She hadn't grown up in the public eye, and now that she wasn't at college, the media hounded her.
Kate had troubles finding a job.
Will and Kate cont.
in January of 2006, will and his brother Harry, joined the army.
Kate found a job, for a retail chain called jigsaw. it was a good fit for her.
in April of 2007, will and Kate decided to end their relationship. But they were back together in a few months.
ON July 1, 2007, Kate and will attended a concert celebrating the 10th anniversary of Princess diana's death.
In december 2007, Harry's army squad went to afghanistan. Will was left behind. He spent his free time with Kate.
in april 2008, Kate was there when will received his RAF (royal air force) wings.
Kate quit her job, to have more self time.
in 2010, will and Kate took a vacation to Kenya.
ON October 19, 2010, will proposed to Kate in a beautiful spot in Kenya.
Kate said yes.
The wedding was on april 29, 2011, at westminster abbey.
The media went crazy as the friends spent more and more time together. They claimed the two were dating.

In March of 2004, Will and Kate took a
skiing trip to Switzerland. The Media
jumped on it, and used the trip to light
the flames of rumors. People were
convinced there was something going
on between the two.
Family Life
Biography in context
"Prince William and Kate- a Royal Romance Matt Doeden
In December 2012, Kate and Will
announced they would have a
baby, due in July 2013.
Prince George was
born on July 22 2013,
at St. Mary's hospital
in London.
On September 8, 2014,
Kate and Will announced their second baby, due on April 23, 2015.
Their baby girl was born
Friday night. (May 1 2015)
She weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces.
Recent Activities
Kate is mentioned on a variety of best dressed lists.
Kate appeared at BBC awards to hand out two awards.
In April 2013, she appeared for the queen at the National Review of the Queen's scouts.

In June 2013, She christened a royal cruise ship.
In April 2014, George, will and Kate took a trip to Australia and New Zealand.
Diana's ring
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