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The Cherokee Indians

No description

Alexandria Wilson

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of The Cherokee Indians

The Cherokee Indians
EQ: What was the everyday life of the Cherokee People like?
Review Essential Question
What was the everyday life of the Cherokee People like?
-The Cherokee Indians lived in what in is now northern Georgia
-The Cherokee lived in the valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Life Long Ago
-The Cherokee built summer and winter homes
-The summer homes were made out of wooden posts, reeds, and tree bark
-Winter homes were made from a mixture of clay and grass
-The Cherokee lived in towns with 30 to 60 homes.
- Like, Creek towns, Cherokee towns had a place for ceremonies
mountain: is a high land with steep sides
valley: is the low land between mountains
-The Cherokee used plants to cure many illnesses
- They used plants, such as, blackberries and mint for medicine
-The Cherokee would ground up the bark, stalks, or roots to make medicine
They would also chew the leaves or boil them into a tea
-Men and boys help to get the ground ready for planting
-Women and girls planted and
the crops
-The main crops were corn, beans, and squash
-The women farmed and gathered, while the men hunted and fished just like the Creek Indians
-The Cherokee people used the land and water around them for what they needed
Town Gardens
Cherokee Homes
Other Things from Nature
-Cherokee women made baskets from thin strips of oak or maple
-The women stored food and carried tools in the baskets
-Cherokee Men carried their hunting and fishing gear in the baskets as well
Cherokee Jewelry
-The Cherokee used shells, animal bones, and copper to make jewelry
-They decorated their clothing with porcupine quils and horn and shell rattles
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