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Copy of Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test

No description

Cea Swart

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test

Rachel Stevenson
Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test
Purpose of test 1 & 2
Screen for developmental disorders and/or to assess for brain damage
Bender Ed II
same purpose of the first one
restriction level is medium
age group is the same
about the same time frame
scoring: PR, SS, T scores, & CI
Function of the test
Differences between the first and second test
1) 8page instruction manual
2) 167 page manual with reliability and validity studies, interpretation guidelines, and example of the global scoring system

1) 9 cards
2) 16 cards divided into 2 test

1) $225
2) shown on handout

1) does not have any
2) 4 page observation form

1) norm group was 800 individuals from the NY city area
2) norm group is stratified and matches the US census data form the year 200 and the sample included 4,000 people.
Bender visual-motor Gestalt test, 2nd ed order form. 2012. www.riversidepublishing.com/products/orderform/BGII.pdf

Bender Gestalt test. http://faculty.pepperdine.edu/shimels/courses/files/benderscore.pdf

Bender visual-motor Gestalt test (bender-Gestalt II). Riverside. www.riversidepublishing.com/products/bender/details.html

Bender visual-motor Gestalt test (bender-Gestalt II). Riverside. www.riversidepublishing.com/products/bender/details.html#admin

Bender visual-motor Gestalt test 2nd ed. assessment service bulletin number 1. www.riverpub.com/products/bender/pdf/benderII_ASB1.pdf

Time & Author
10 minutes and was designed by Lauretta Bender (neuropsychiatrist)

2nd ed. came out in 2003 by Gary Branningan and Scott Decker
Children & adults ages 4-85+
and is individually administered
See handout
Poor perceptual discrimination ability
poor fine motor skills
visual motor integration problems
weak organizational & planning skills
attentional & impulsivity problems
personality & behavioral characteristics, as shown by the drawing activities
memory storage & retrieval problems
general maturation delays
Source: www.riversidepublishing.com
2 different phases
Copy phase

-Client is asked to copy each of the designs on a blank sheet of paper
Recall phase
-the client is asked to redraw the design from memory

In both phases the examiner records the behavior of the examinee
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