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PYP Assessment

No description

Emily Thorp

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of PYP Assessment

PYP Assessment
1. Assessing:
Summative assessment - at the end of a unit - aims to give teachers clear insight into students' understanding.

Formative assessment - used throughout the learning process - enables direction for teachers to know where to go next in the learning process.

Assessment needs to be effective for students, teachers and parents!
2. Recording

"The methods or approaches teachers use when gathering information"
"Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning" (MTPYPH, p. 44).
PYP assessment primarily focusses on providing students with feedback throughout the learning process. Assessment enables teachers to understand how students learn to inform practice and adjust units accordingly.
Assessment guides students through the 5 elements of the PYP:
- the acquisition of knowledge,
- the understanding of concepts,
- the mastering of skills,
- the development of attitudes and
- the decision to take action

Assessment is expected to develop procedures that reflect objectives.
Assessment should cater for a range of learning needs and styles and involve self-reflection and evaluation.
Assessment should work towards clear understandings!
3. Reporting
How do we discover what students have learned?
How do we collect and analyse the date?
When gathering information is is important to choose a method relevant to the strategy.
How do we choose to communicate information about assessment?
Effective reporting should:
-involve parents, students and teachers as partners
-reflect what the school community values
-be comprehensive, honest, fair and credible
-be clear and understandable to all parties
-allow teachers to incorporate what they learn during the reporting process into their future teaching and assessment practice.
Assessment in the PYP is comprised of three main areas...
Emily Thorp
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