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MRS NUNEZ Allusions to Greek Mythology

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Christina Nunez

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of MRS NUNEZ Allusions to Greek Mythology

4th Grade CCSS
Allusions to Greek Mythology
What is an Allusion?
Some Major Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology (Quick review)
Achilles Heel
Pandora's Box
Terms that are used in modern language today that came originally from greek mythology.
- Zeus, king and father of the gods
- Hera, Zeus's wife and queen of the gods
-Athena, goddess of wisdom, war, and civic pride
-Apollo, god of poetry, music, medicine and light
-Poseidon, Zeus's brother and god of the sea
-Hades, Zeus and Poseidon's brother, god of the underworld
-Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty
Meaning: An area of weakness that leads to your downfall.

In Greek mythology, the warrior Achilles was made invulnerable as a baby by being dipped into the River Styx. Only his heel—the place he was held by when being dipped—was left unprotected, which led to his downfall when it was struck by a poisoned arrow.

"He was a great business man, but his Achilles heel was his gambling."
Meaning: A Herculean feat is one very hard to perform, especially one requiring great strength.

Hercules was a hero in Greek mythology who was renowned for his strength and courage. He is best known for completing his 12 labors, which included killing or capturing legendary creatures, gaining various items, and diverting a river to clean out the stables of Augeas.

"With a Herculean effort, Jean lifted the car off the street"
Meaning: Anything that leads to extensive and unexpected troubles.

Pandora, according to Greek mythology, was the first woman on earth. Created by Zeus in revenge for Prometheus's stealing of fire, she was given a box that she was told not to open. When she opened the box, it allowed all manner of evils to escape and plague the world.

"Letting the kids eat ice cream right before bed was opening a pandora's box"
Meaning: Bold originality and creativity.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus defied Zeus, stealing fire from the heavens and giving it to the human race.

"The Olympic athletes had some promethean performances."
Meaning: To play Cupid is to be a matchmaker, while someone who suddenly falls in love is said to have been struck by Cupid's arrow

Eros was the god of the Greeks. He was usually depicted as a winged boy with a bow and arrow.

. "My best friend decided to play cupid and had me meet her brother."
Meaning: A person who alyas is lucky, whatever he or she does turns out well.

Kind Midas was granted the wish to turn everything he touched to gold. But he could not eat, or drink or even hug his daughter.
Midas Touch
Meaning: A very long journey or trip.

Odysseus took a journey home after the Trojan war. It took him 10 years because he was changed into a pig by Circe a witch, was tricked by the Lotus eaters and a lot of other things happened.

"Are we ready for the Odyssey to Disneyland in the car?"
Meaning: a nemesis is a form of punishment or any opponent that a person is unable to defeat.

Nemesis: Nemesis was a Greek goddess of retribution, the incarnation of the gods' revenge for violating their laws.

"He used all his willpower to stay on the diet, but the doughnut shop next door proved to be his nemesis."
Hotter than Hades
Meaning: Something or somewhere that is really hot.

Hades ruled the underworld, which in some cultures and mythology was comprised of many places of fire.

"It was 102 degrees outside, so the classroom felt hotter than Hades."
Trojan Horse
Meaning: something that is not what is seems. Usually a secret way to bring down an opponent.

The Greeks and Trojan's fought a war for many years. The Greeks refused to give up and the Trojans lived in a city with a huge wall that surrounded it. Odysseus, the Greek general had an idea to build a large wooden horse and leave it as a gift for the Trojans. The horse was hollow and had 30 of the best warriors hidden inside. The Trojans brought in the horse and at night the 30 warriors let in the rest of the army. That was the end of Troy.

"They might be sending over an extra player as a Trojan Horse"
Meaning: a very disagreeable and annoying woman. It also means to bug or pester someone until you get your way.

Harpies are winged monsters with the face of an ugly old woman and crooked, sharp claws.Most pictures of Harpies are of women with wings but Harpies actually had both the wings and the body of a bird. There are three Harpies whose names come up a lot in stories. They are the daughters of Electra - Aello, Celaeno and Ocypete. Besides tormenting innocent people, Harpies were probably the cause of wind storms. Aello means storm, Ocypete means swift-flier and Celaeno means black cloud. Legends blame them for rough seas and the bad weather that comes with it.

"My mom was being a total harpy about cleaning my room."
Meaning: Intense disorder or destructive rage.

The Furies were the three goddesses of vengeance: Tisiphone (vengeance), Megaera (the jealous) and Alecto (constant anger). The Furies would punish all crime including the breaking of rules considering all aspects of society. They would strike the offenders with madness and never stopped following criminals. They lived in the underworld and tortured spirits.

"When she was told she was grounded she had tears of fury and frustration."
If looks could kill
World on your shoulders
Meaning: Giving someone such a dirty or angry look you feels as though they want to harm you.

Some say this phrase comes from the legend of Medusa. Medusa was the most beautiful women in all of Greece. Poseidon thought she was beautiful so he kissed her in Athena's temple. Athena cursed her and efore she knew it, Medusa was turned into monster with snakes for hair and her soft, smooth skin whithered with wrinkles. Anybody she looked at would turn to stone. Shortly after she was cursed, Medusa took advantage of it and transformed people to stone for fun.
Meaning: Someone who has a huge burden.

This references Atlas, the Titan who was charged with holding the weight of the heavens on his shoulders as punishment from Zeus.

"After the PARCC he felt the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders."
Meaning: Something large and powerful.

Titans were the huge giants that world the world before the greek gods and goddesses came. The Titans were the parent/grandparents of the gods.

"The unbeatable team were Titans on the field."
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