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No description

amber wright

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of wovles

The pack
wolves live in a group called a pack that is why they have different calls of comunicate between each other.

A pack consists of 6-7 members but can have up to 15 members in the pack at the max.
Alpha male and female
Alpha male and female are the leaders of the pack and they are the incharge of every thing that happens in the pack.
Calls of the wild
In the wild wolves have many different calls or howls this is how they comunicate with each other.
The lone wolf
A lone wolf is a wolf that is on their own because they have either left or were chased away from the pack and they offten end up fighting the pack they were apart of for food and territory.
Wolves have to hunt for their food but it can be difficult when you are on your own but very easy when you are in a pack of fellow wolves.
The wolf pups are the cutest thing that you will ever see becasue you wpuld think that the animal that can take down a elk is not cute but then you see this.
Wolves are awesome
In the end a wolf is just plain cool either it be a pup, a pack or and lone wolf they are really cool no matter what they do.
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