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'Climate change is not hysteria – it's a fact'

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Valeria Illescas

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of 'Climate change is not hysteria – it's a fact'

'Climate change is not hysteria – it's a fact'
By: Valeria Illescas
October 21,2014
English 10G
Leonardo DiCaprio Climate Change Speech
Why Are Persuasive Appeals and Rhetorical Devices important?
Leonardo DiCaprio benefited from using the persuasive appeals to convince the audience by the facts so that the audience (The whole world) realizes the importance of this problem. Also he used Ethos so that the audience could connect and believe in what he was saying. Using the Rhetorical Devices was important so that the audience could remember phrases on what he said and so that his speech looked catchy. He used Logo's so that people could really start thinking about what he is saying since they are facts and they are real. Parallelism helps the author’s ideas flow and connect and the slogan will be remembered by the audience.

Leonardo DiCaprio UN Climate Speech

persuasive appeal
In this speech Leonardo DiCaprio spoke in the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York. Leonardo DiCaprio is really famous and known as one of the best actors so him doing this will make millions of fans to also worry about global warming. The speech was for the billions of people in the world that want to make a change and help our environment. He addressed the speech to the people around the world that want to solve our climate crisis. He wanted to alert people about our environment crisis. Climate Change affects every single person on this Earth and its a problem that it should be resolved now.

S -
O -
A -
P -
Leonardo DiCaprio
United Nations Climate Change Summit
Billions of people around the world and UN audience.
Persuade people to understand climate change and contribute to stop it.
Rhetorical devices
Thank you for watching!
Lets All work together and stop global warming
In the speech the speaker used Logo's to persuade the audience. He used Logo's because in the speech there was a logical appeal. The things that Leonardo said were logical and he had various facts to support his argument.
Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
"Every week, we’re seeing new and undeniable climate events, evidence that accelerated climate change is here now. We know that droughts are intensifying, our oceans are warming and acidifying, with methane plumes rising up from beneath the ocean floor. We are seeing extreme weather events, increased temperatures, and the West Antarctic and Greenland ice-sheets melting at unprecedented rates, decades ahead of scientific projections."
"The chief of the US navy’s Pacific command, admiral Samuel Locklear, recently said that climate change is our single greatest security threat."
"New research shows that by 2050 clean, renewable energy could supply 100% of the world’s energy needs using existing technologies, and it would create millions of jobs."
The speaker used a lot of Rhetorical Devices to make his speech more appealing to the audience and so that he could emphasize his ideas.
Example #3
Example #2
Example #1
"You can make history ... or be vilified by it."
-"As an actor I pretend for a living. I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems"
"This is the most urgent of times, and the most urgent of messages."
Example #4
-"None of this is rhetoric, and none of it is hysteria."
'Climate change is not hysteria – it's a fact'
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