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PP1 Transmedia: Brand Worlds

No description

Nicole L

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of PP1 Transmedia: Brand Worlds

“…brands appear as a narrative or possible world since they constitute complex discourse universes with a strong narrative imprint.” – (Carlos Alberto Scolari) Brand Fiction Shift from narrative worlds as brands to brands as narrative worlds
Transmedia introduces change in which the brand is no longer inside the fiction – the fiction becomes the brand/product
In transmedia storytelling the brand is expressed through characters, topics and aesthetic style (of the world)
“It is a “moveable” set of properties that can be applied to different forms of expression.” (Carlos Alberto Scolari) Brand Fiction Creation of a character (or multiple characters) that audiences can identify with
Audiences want emotional engagement with the character, they want to interact with the brand
W+K realized that they needed a way for viewers to connect with the Old Spice Guy, they came up with the idea of allowing fans/consumers to ask him questions via Twitter and filming video responses in real time to be posted on YouTube
The combined videos received over 34 million hits on YouTube Wieden + Kennedy with What Next? World Expansion Parallel Narrative This Must END Results The Brand World Spurred on by their success, W+K continued to introduced new characters and expand the Old Spice narrative world User Generated Content through Terry Crews' “Muscle Music”
“Smell is Power” – People were given the Power
2 Million Views in just 2 days.
In March 2013 Old Spice released a new range entitled “Wild Collection”
W+K introduced an additional character to the promote the new collection, Mr. Wolfdog.
Mr. Wolfdog was the new Marketing Director of Old Spice Expanding As well as keeping with the current mediums used by Old Spice such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo, Mr. Wolfdog’s online presence expanded with the updated technology to include Pintrest, LinkedIn, Bandcamp and a Blog
By adapting to such platforms, Mr. Wolfdog, and through him Old Spice, were able to maintain the publics interests and therefore promote their product to desired audiences. Staying Relevant Online tutorial videos based upon “How to win at life.”
Hotline to “Look busy at Work”
Released album “Night Business” through Bandcamp.com
Old Spice has been effective in unifying its content with the form of delivery and therefore accurately targeting the desired audiences. Mr. Wolfdog March 11, Mr. Wolfdog announced his seeking of a new Personal Assistant
On March 12, live interviews were conducted between Mr. Wolfdog and the public through Google + Hangouts
Released a resignation Video through YouTube Further Interaction In a matter of 4 days the Mr. Wolfdog campaign went viral achieving 30,000+ fans for Mr. Wolfdog.com and generating 4+million video views. All in all this added to up being roughly 7 years of television in a week Results Every character and form introduced by Old Spice was cleverly manipulated to compliment and expand the “Brand World.

By using Transmedia to market the product, the brand lifespan is extended beyond that of the campaign, as storytelling is timeless. In turn this results in not only a deeper level of engagement from fans but also a longer one. Conclusion that compliments and expands the ‘brand world’
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