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OCPS Code of Conduct per 2

pgs 5-7

Elana Collins

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of OCPS Code of Conduct per 2

OCPS Code of Conduct continued
A student may approach a school official and voluntarily surrender an object, the possession of which is prohibited by the Code of Conduct, provided the object is one that the student could lawfully possess off school grounds and is not a firearm.

If a student approaches a school official and voluntarily surrenders such an object, then the student will not be subject to disciplinary action.
Safe Harbor Provision
In order to participate, students must adhere to the school board policies, school-based criteria, and applicable law.

Pursuant to Florida law, the school board has the authority to withhold participation privileges from students.
Participation in Extracurricular/Co-curricular Activities
Clothes shall be worn as they are designed - suspenders over the shoulders, pants secured at the waist, belts buckled, no underwear as outerwear, no underwear exposed.
Student Dress
Clothing with holes, tears, or inappropriate patches will not be allowed if considered obscene.
Bare midriffs and bare sides should not show even when arms are extended above the head.

Clothing normally worn when participating in a school sponsored extracurricular or sports activity may be worn when approved by the sponsor, coach, or principal. EX: cheerleader, drill team and band uniforms, team shirts, etc.
Clothing that is too tight or revealing is unacceptable.
Garments and/or jewelry which display or suggest sexual, vulgar, drug, alcohol, or tobacco-related wording/graphics or may tend to provoke violence or disruption in school shall not be worn.
Gang paraphernalia, jewelry, tattoos, clothing, or other insignias which display, suggest, provoke, or may tend to provoke violence or disruptions are not allowed.
The following items have potential to cause disruption or threat to a safe and positive school environment and are prohibited.
hats, caps, visors, sunglasses, or bandanas while on campus during the school day
chains hanging from the neck, belt, pocket, or attached to wallet.
jewelry that contains any type of sharp object
Hemlines of shorts, dresses, skirts, and skorts shall be no shorter than mid-thigh. Leggings or tights worn underneath do not create an exception. Hemlines must still be mid-thigh regardless.
Clothing must follow the four finger wide rule at the shoulders.
Shoes shall be worn. The following are not acceptable:
thong sandals
cleated shoes
backless shoes
heeleys (shoes with wheels)
Because of the school district's continuing efforts to provide safe transportation for all students, whether for a field trip, athletic function, similar activity, or to and from home, students are expected to abide by the following standards of school bus behavior, in addition to the Code of Student Conduct. Listen carefully!
School bus standards
Video cameras have been installed on many buses. Students may be filmed at any time during their ride. The tapes may be utilized to determine violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Violations of these standards, the Code of Student Conduct or any action or misbehavior by a student(s) to substantially distract the driver and causes or has the potential to cause a safety hazard on a moving bus may be the basis for suspension from bus/school and/or expulsion from bus riding privileges.
Next up:
Internet Policy

Privacy and Property Rights
Student Rights:
To have privacy of personal possessions unless school personnel have reason to believe a student is in possession of contraband; any individual on Orange County School Board property is subject to search - not just students.
To have personal property respected.

Student Responsibilities:
To keep contraband materials away from school or school activities.
To respect others' personal property.

Student Records

Students/Parents/Guardians Rights:
To inspect and challenge information in a student's records.
To be protected by laws that prohibit releasing personally identifiable information (other than directory information), without the consent of the parent, guardian, or eligible student, to anyone who is not legally authorized to receive such information.

Students/Parents/Guardians Responsibilities

To give the school information that could help in making educational decisions.
To release information to people or agencies working towards the good of the student.
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