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Ketchup as a Vegetable?

No description

Zoe Colman

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Ketchup as a Vegetable?

Ketchup as a Vegetable?
The State of School Lunch In America

History of The National School Lunch Program

Structure of the Program
Available in every elementary, middle and high school
Max cost allotment per lunch- $3.06
Three tiers- paid, reduced price, free
In 2012 31.6 milllion children served
Reimbursable meal must contain one third of daily allotment of nutrients as outlined by the USDA
National School Lunch Act 1946
Childhood Malnutrition and Hunger
Agricultural Surplus
Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
Initiative of Michelle Obama
Updated nutrition guidelines for schools
More local and fresh foods
Improves nutrition and wellness education
Pros of the Program

Increased Access
Increased fruit and vegetable intake
Improved health
Improved school performance
Offer vs. Serve
Competitive Foods
Stigma of free and reduced price lunch
Problems with Program
Jamie Oliver's
Food Revolution
TV show to expose school lunches
Advocates for more local, fresh and healthy food
Elimination of flavored milk
Grassroots toolkits for students, parents and educators
International campaign
Chef Ann's Meal Wheel

Chef Ann
"Renegade lunch lady"
Gourmet chef who wants to improve school food
founder of F3 and The Lunch Box
Grant program for school breakfast
Salad Bars to Schools Program
Decrease availability of sugary food
Zoe Colman
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