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Cobalt- 57

A Prezi of Information involving this Radioisotope.


on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Cobalt- 57

Cobalt-57 What is Cobalt-57, and what is the nuclear equation for Cobalt-57?
How is Cobalt-57 used for medical equipment/medicine? What is the Radioactive Decay involved?
And what are the Decay Products? Cobalt-57 is the radioisotope of the isotope Cobalt. It is also the radioactive form of the metal Cobalt. Cobalt-57 decays in a half life. Of which is usually 270 or 271.8 days. And the Nuclear Equation is Q+(57^Co). Cobalt-57 is used for medical reasons just as non-radioactive Cobalt is used for medical reasons. Cobalt-57 is used to help diagnose cancer patients. It is also used for making medical equipment. Such as a Resonant Gamma-ray Spectroscopy; which is used to study chemical properties of different materials. Cobalt-57 is also used in flood sources; they are used to test the response of Gamma cameras. It is also used to test for lack of vitamin B. Rubratope-57 or Cobalt-57 and Vitamin B12 , is used to help treat Pernicious Anemia. The Radioactive decay that are involved are the Beta and Gamma Radiations.
. The Decay products are:
Beta Decay is 0.019B
Gamma Decay is 0.13 y
What are the Different Emissions? The Different Emisions are:
Gamma: energy of 122 Kev
Beta: energy of 137 Kev
How is this isotope produced? A Person can produce Cobalt-57 by Emiting Nickel and High Energy Photons together by using two equations. Which are:
58Ni(,p)57^Co and Ni(,n)57 Ni-->57^Co. How does Cobalt-57 effect the patients?

If a Patient has a large dose of Vitamin B12 it might temporarily affect the organs. ZG
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