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Wilson Just Words

It is a highly explicit, multisensory decoding and spelling program for students in grades 4 -12 and adults.

Ashley Mendicino

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of Wilson Just Words

Presented by Ashley Mendicino, Liz Gagliardi, and Amy Grollman Materials Student Durables:
Dry Erase Board
Magnetic Journal and Letter Tiles

Student Consumables
Student Notebook
Student Composition Book
Student Challenge Book
Red/Blue Pencil
Quick Reference Teacher Materials
Instructor Manuel
Sound Cards
Demonstration/Nonsense Word Cards
High Frequency Word
Syllable & Suffix Pack
Reference Chart
Student Challenge Phrase Kit
1 Set of Student Durables
1 year membership to Wilson Academy Support The Intervention Learning Community provides additional resources and support to Just Words teachers, including:

Printable materials/resources
Collaboration opportunities via Discussion Boards
Animated demonstrations (Phoneme segmentation, syllable types, marking)
Just Words InterActivities whiteboard application. http://wilsonlanguage.learn.com http://www.wilsonlanguage.com Staff Development Day
March 8,2011 Who is it for? For students in grades 4–12, and adults who are decoding and encoding below grade level. They have mild to moderate gaps in decoding and spelling proficiency. For people who DO NOT have a significant language learning disability. They fall in the 15th to 50th percentile on the screeners. What is
Just Words? It's a multisensory decoding and spelling program. It's based on the research validated Wilson Reading System, but moves at an accelerated pace. The emphasis is on phonemic awareness, phonics and word study, and spelling. It provides a curriculum for the study of word structure through the six syllable types in English and the most common Latin roots. It was published in 2009.
Placement Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency
(TOSWRF) Word Idenfication
& Spelling Test (WIST) 1 - 14% Wilson
15 - 50% Just Words If they score less than 50 % on either
screener give them the other subtests of the WIST. Implementation Provides year-long curriculum
5x/week, 45 minutes daily
14 units (each will take average of 2 weeks) plus 2 review weeks = total of 30 weeks It can be a general education intervention or
Tier II Rti intervention class of up to 15 students maximum. The Just Words curriculum can be presented as a three-day per week class. This will require 1 ½ years to complete. In year one, approximately 10 out of the14 units will be completed.

3 classes per week
45 minutes per class
14 units (each will take an average of 3 weeks) plus 2 review weeks = total of 44 weeks Any Questions???
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