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A Hero's Journey: Albert Einstein

No description

Bethany Woodruff

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
A Hero's Journey:
Supernatural Aid
Belly of the Whale
Meeting of the Goddess
The Ultimate Boon
Atonement with the Father
Magic Flight
Crossing the Return Threshold
Einstein had many other scientists and friends that helped him throughout his science career. He mostly used his extraordinary brain.
Einstein needs a Solar Eclipse to prove his equation for his General Theory of Relativity. After three attempts, two are examined. The first examined says that Einstein's theory is false, the second says his theory is right. This creates a lot of tension between the people of the world. Is Einstein right, or is he wrong?
A few years earlier, Einstein met up with his 1st cousin he hadn't seen since childhood and they fell madly in love with each other.
After photographing yet another Solar Eclipse and after close inspection, Einstein's theory and equation is correct.
Even though Einstein was proven to be correct, many people still challenge him today.
Einstein was never good with married life, but when he married his second wife, his first cousin, his marriage was very successful. The reason he wasn't good for it was because he immersed himself in his studies.
The Call to Adventure
As a child, Einstein showed an extraordinary curiosity for science.
Refusal of the Quest
Einstein always loved science and wanted to be a professor. He never showed any dislike for it.
Crossing the first Threshold
Einstein's first job was being a patent clerk. He couldn't find any other job because everyone thought he was simply a goof-off. However, this first job honed his skills as a physicist and he also published four science papers. In 1912 at age 38, the Germans relize his skills and he becomes a professor.
Road of Trials
Woman as Temptress
Refusal of the Return
Rescue from Without
Master of Two Worlds
Freedom to Live
Since people weren't sure if he was right, Einstein needed yet another Solar Eclipse to prove his theory is correct. This solar eclipse saves Einstein's career and reputation because it proves that his theory is true.
Einstein was worried about loving his first cousin because he felt that it would distract him from his career as professor. Eventually, he gave in and married her. They were very happy together and Mrs. Einstein helped him and loved traveling with him.
When Einstein was developing an equation for his theory, more people found out what he was doing. Soon enough, he was in a contest with the world's best mathematician to see who could find the equation first. They discovered an equation at the same time, but the mathemetician gave Einstein credit since it was his theory after all.
At first, a lot of the world did not believe that Einstein and his equation was correct.
Einstein never refused to leave, he just kept pressing forward.
At one point when Einstein was working on his theory, he became very ill. Ill enough that is wife, still his first cousin at the time, insisted that he let her heal him.
Einstein became master of both worlds, married and genius, because his second wife was very understanding and loved unconditionally.
Soon, the world recognized Einstein's genius and accepted all of his proven theories with out any doubt. Einstein is still recognized as a genius today and he helped our world in many ways.
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