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Semester Topic

No description

Brenda Gallardo

on 8 August 2018

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Transcript of Semester Topic

For this assignment, you will choose a topic of interest to you. The topic you select will be assigned to you for the entire semester. Your research and work with the topic will expand your knowledge and contribute to your expertise of your selected topic.
Things to consider
One of the first steps you will need to take as you begin this course is to choose a community issue or problem you want to focus on. This can be in any area: politics, education, economics, social issues, public policy, culture, sports, music, and so on.

Your choice should reflect your interests academically, professionally, and/or socially.

It is also important to note that the topic you select MUST allow you to be able to explore, analyze, inform, convince, and problem solve at different points in the semester.

Choose a topic that:

Is interesting, relevant and current.

Is related to your field of study, future profession, or social interests.

Can be narrowed down and has a
issue within it--something you can take a position on and advocate for.
Do not!
Choose a topic you know absolutely nothing about or have no interest in.

Choose a topic simply because you know finding research will be easy, or has been

Choose a topic you will not be able to argue or advocate for in some way.
Sample Topics
Border health issues Bullying Domestic violence Animal abuse

Children’s health Childhood poverty Overpopulation of animals

Sports issues Mental health issues Education issues Violence in the Media

Marriage Equality Immigration Adolescent Cosmetic Surgery Racism

Separation of Church and State Internet Addiction Ageism Public School System

Access to Technology
This assignment is worth 100 points.

You will present your topic of choice and discuss it in a conference style format using the following questions:

What topic have you chosen and why?
What do you know/or don’t know about your topic?
What do you expect to learn about your topic?
How do you plan to overcome obstacles in your research?
Why is your topic a significant contemporary issue?
Why is it important to inform others about your topic?

Additionally, you will upload your topic and responses via Blackboard and you will be presenting on it.

Remember: choose wisely because once you submit your topic of choice, you will NOT be able to change your topic again.

Love your topic. Commit to your topic. Marry your topic.
Choosing a Semester Topic
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