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Assignment - Shogun Japan

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Laura Pease

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Assignment - Shogun Japan

Women of the Shogunates
The Women Behind Shogun Japan
Religion Changed Everything
A Shogun was the head of the military. They had more power over the people of Japan than the Emperor because they controlled the armed forces. The Shogun had the authority to hand out Shoens to his governors along with giving them Samurais to protect their land. Over the shogunate era there were 51 Shoguns. One of the most important people of this era was in fact a woman.
What Was a Shogun ??
The Shogun Era
The Shogun Era lasted from 792 to 1868
Throughout this era there were 4 main periods in which a different family or group had control.
These were:
Through out the Shogunate era the treatment and the role of women changed. During the start of the Shogun age they could fight along side their husbands but by the end of the era they were seen as monsters that could not be let in to Heaven until they were re-born as men.
At the start women had more of a significant role. Women were allowed to be samurais. The men and children would look to these women for advice. At this time the women had the same weaponry training as the men. They were allowed to fight alongside their husbands and were almost equals.
The Early Shogun Years
Hojo MasaKo
Hojo Masako
Masako was the widow of the first Shogun during the Kamakura period. She took control of the Shogunate after her husband died. She controlled the army that conquered the Emperor's army in 1221. Her two sons then became the 3th and 4th Kamakura Shoguns. She is known as the Mother Shogun.
Women In Shogunate Japan
Kose no Maro was the first Shogun who is known to historians. He ruled during the Asuka-Heian Period. His rein lasted for less than a year in 709 . The next Shogun to take control of the Empire was not until 720. His name was Tajinohi no Agatamori.
The First Shogun
Early Japanese Religion
In the early shogunate period women were very prominent through religion. They had religious festivals dedicated to them and the gods were thought to send messages through female messengers. Although most of this respect for women was only evident in the upper classes.

As Buddism and Confucianism were introduced the profile of women diminished. Buddist temples provided an asylum for women but also lessened their social rank. By the 12th Century the majority of Japanese had converted to Amidism. In the beginning this religion started to bring women up to the same level as the men. However it ended up that most people who followed Amidism believed ya woman would have to be re-born as a man to be accepted into Heaven.
The Later Stages
Affect on Women
During this time men were taught that women were inferior and had to obey them and all their orders. It was said that

"the five worst infirmities that afflict women are Indocility , Discontent , Slander, Jealousy and Silliness. Without a doubt, these 5 infirmities are found in seven or eight of every ten women and it is they that cause women to be inferior to men"
(The Great Learning for Women)
Imagine if every man thought this now.
Women were no longer seen as equals.
By Laura Pease
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Women Of The Shoguns
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