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The comparison of the two news networks.

Joel Martinez

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of BBC Vs CNN

How these networks speak to you affects your vote. BBC vs CNN The point BBC: Content Conclusion The British Broadcast Company (BBC) is a news and television station based in the UK. They provide an international perspective and report on world events not gone into depth on many American stations.

CNN is an American news station that provides coverage about many events but mostly those that have a direct affect on America.

This presentation is about how the presentation and the content of the two sites differ, and how they how reading the BBC site will make you more informed. CNN: Style
CNN presents articles about the electoral debates in long strands of several paragraphs.

Links to other, tangentially related topics are inserted directly into the articles, distracting from the actual article

They also aren’t edited to look much different than the actual text so it’s hard to differentiate. The BBC news site separates their coverage of the debates among several different pages which makes them provide more coverage in order to insure the pages have an adequate amount of content.

The BBC has a fact checking section, an in depth opinion, and an analysis section, all available in the bar of the primary article page for each debate, making it easy to find and learn more information. BBC provides more content and organizes it in a way that is more pleasing and easy to look through than CNN.

Looking through BBC would make one more informed than if one looked through CNN

Word of advice: Don't ever limit yourself to one Website. Search around for different perspectives and you'll be better informed. BBC: Style CNN Content CNN's article on the debate is really a sort of dramatic retelling of the event. Very little original information is added to the body of the article. BBC however presents their coverage of the debates across several different pages.

Some of those pages are separated still and organized by subject.

For example, the Highlights page is seperate into subjects by very visible yellow title banners.
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