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5 Themes of Social Studies

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Victoria Denysenko

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Social Studies

5 Themes of Social Studies
The study of people and events of the past
Many people have different religions.Also,different food,music,language and fashion.Also,different ways of life.
Government is an organized system that has groups of people to make laws and decisions.
This picture represents the three branches of gonvrnment
Economics is like bartering/trading
A church to represent religion
Culture is beliefs,laws,customs,and the knowledge all over the world.
Our government is a republic government.
In Arizona we eat
hamburgers and
In America
we speak English
In a museum you can find all primary sources.
In a Social Studies book you can find all secondary sources.
We study the past
so we don't repeat
the past.
Abraham Lincoln changed
the society because he
stopped slavery.
A Social Studies book
represents a
secondary source.
World war 1
why we study
the past and why we
don't want to
repeat it.
I believe that
Abraham Lincoln had
the biggest
impact on the society because he
stopped slavery.
Citizens can participate
by voting for their next president.
There are three
branches in our
Legislative Branch
Executive Branch
Judicial Branch
This picture represents that citizens can vote for the president and supreme court and ect.
This picture
how our
is a republic
Economics is the way people
use resources to meet their needs
Money is a resource that many many many people use
More resources are money,books and ect.
Books are also
a resource that a lot of
kids and adults like to do
A computer is
also another
resource that
everyone uses
Geography is the
study of Earth's
physical and human
Physical features:
and landforms.
weather over
a period of time
In Arizona
our climate
is hot and dry.
This picture
the continents
This picture represents landforms
By: Victoria Denysenko
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