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UPSU Course Rep 101

No description

Alec Cockram

on 31 October 2018

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Transcript of UPSU Course Rep 101

UPSU Course Rep 101
The BIGGER Picture
Being a Course Rep
The A, B, C & D of Representing

Being Successful
Collecting Student Feedback
(Go Out And Talk...)
We're here to help!

Stacey Turner
Outreach Coordinator
Davide Bertelli
VP International & Outreach
By the end of this session you will be able to:

> Identify the key requirements of your role as a Course Rep.

> Understand the structure of UPSU and how you fit into it.

> Understand the remit of being a Course Rep

> Confidently approach your peers and start representing their view and voice.

Buut there
are lots of
other ways!
You REPRESENT the views of your course so you can make positive CHANGES.

You are part of a larger course rep COMMUNITY with your SU. This means common problems can be taken to higher levels within the University.

You are the heart of COMMUNICATION between the Students' Union, student body and the College.

Preparing for Meetings
Collecting Student Feedback
Your Tasks
Attend Course Rep Training
Feedback from meetings
Gather student views & present them at meetings

Signpost UPSU services
What issues can I handle?

A lecture theatre that is too small
Assignment deadlines are too close together
Minimal contact time in module
A student has not recieved their student loan
A coursemate thinks they deserved higher marks
If in doubt ask!
Read the agenda & highlight points of interest
Arrive on time, be polite and speak confidently
Listen and make notes on what is being said
After share with your course, any points, actions or matters raised
> You should not refer to students by name

> Assure students that matters are kept anonymous

> If a student comes to you with a personal issue you must keep this confidential (& you should refer them to SU advice).

> As a course rep you are trusted to be responsible with information.

Anoyminity & Confidentiality
Course Reps
School Reps
Vice Presidents
Forum Chairs
All PU Students
All PU Students
All PU Students on
chair issues
Your school in uni
Your views for a
specific course or group
University Board of Governers
UPSU Trustee Board, UPSU Executive Committee
Faculty Board, UPSU Trustee Board, UPSU Executive Commitee
UPSU Executive Commitee, Forum
Faculty and School Teaching and Learning Committees,
Student Staff Liaison Meetings
Academic Forum

Programme Committee
Student Staff Liaison Meetings
Academic Forum

Student Voice Recognition Scheme
SSTAR Awards
Skills for life
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