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Friends the show

No description

Nathaniel Serrano

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Friends the show

Friends the show By Nathaniel Serrano facts about friends About it Characters It is the greatest show of all time.
When you first start to watch friends you
will fall in love and never forget any episode and you will never forget when it first showed at September 22,1994. It has a group of people named
Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe,
Rachel, and the monkey of Ross,
Marcel. "I'll be there" Joey the lazy, Monica the clean freak,
Ross the dinosaur know it all, Chandler
the comedian, Rachel the business girl,
Phoebe the cat lover, and Marcel the monkey. The picture Theme song Phoebe the cat lover. In the ending Rachel and Ross finally get together, Chandler and Monica gets a new apartment, Phoebe get married to a guy named Mike, and Joey lives alone by himself and they all get together at the coffee shop to share one more drink before they separate. This is Joey. This is Chandler i do not know what his job. This is Monica. This is Rachel. This is Ross. This is them together. The end
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