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Feminism in "The Garden Party"

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emily delyea

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Feminism in "The Garden Party"

The Feminist Garden Party Feminism: The World of Tomorrow Feminism Theory
Feminism There are three different waves of feminism. The first wave dates back to the nineteenth century although it could have been going on long before that. The Cause of Feminism -Civilization is Patriarchal
-Concept of gender are cultural constructs.
-Literature is missing female role models
-Addresses the male readers
-Female outsider, male main feel. What Are Some Assumptions of
Feminist Theory? How are sexual stereotypes reinforced?
Gender of author and characters: How do they play a part?
How does it affect the place of women or men?
What does the work say about women's creativity? What does a Feminist ask while
Reading a Text? "When a man gives his opinion, he's a man. when a women givers her opinion, she's a bitch." Bette Davis Key Quotes About the Theory - Classes don't exist in women.
-A black women would still be lower then others.
-Woman are simply women and men are men. Any Problems with the Theory Katherine was married, but her husband divorced her, sending her a postcard saying, “You are a loathsome reptile; I hope you will die.”
Born in 1912, Katherine lived a short life caused from tuberculosis leaving her with death in 1923.
Katherine Mansfield lives as a free spirit, loving everyone. When she was young, she lived outside the code set for young women. She believed she did not deserve the cruelty the code gave. Living as a free spirit, she had to pay a price for freedoms. Nowadays, women take those freedoms for granted. Katherine Mansfield Feminism Applied to this Short Story Connections Between Us and the Story We believe that many people in that world think that money is everything and not much else matters. They get oblivious to the world. We know that money is not everything, and we see the world to its full potential.
As well, we personally can not connect to the story about the women staying home and the men going to work. All of our parents, mothers and fathers, go to work. Yet some of us know families where the mothers stay at home and clean house while the fathers go to the workplace October 1888-January 1923 Kathleen, Jones. "Kathrine Mansfield:Life and Legacy."
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Ryan, Lorraine. "Literary Theory." English 4U. Sharbotlake Highschool. Sharbotlake Highschool
Sharbotlake. 19 Sept 2012. MLA Citation What would a feminist ask while
analyzing literature? Student Feud Male decisions trump female decisions
In the story, the daughter stated to put the marquee in the corner of the tennis court. The workman refused and said, "Look here, miss, that's the place. Against those trees. Over there. That'll do fine."
The cook does not have a name
We believe the cook is a woman since he/she does not have a name and people refer to him/her as cook. Jose says, "Well, cook, I congratulate you."
The mother gave orders to children, but father had final say
The mother tells the daughters how to run the party and what to do. If the daughters didn't do what they were told to they would get a talking to buy their dad, "Do you hear me, children, or shall I have to tell your father when he comes home tonight? Why was he so scary, couldn't the mother get them in trouble? Laura felt like a work girl at home
Laura's mom made her bring a gift basket to the mourning family. As well, she was being told to run the party. Laura's own brother asked her to do stuff. "I say, Laura," said Laurie fast, "you might give a squiz at my coat before this afternoon. See if its wants a pressing.
Stay at home mother and office bound father
Mrs. Sheridan stayed at home with the daughters, while her son and husband went to the office to work. Mothers stays at home and orders flowers, cleans, organizes and spends money. Feminism Applied to this Short Story Message of Story The author of "The Garden Party" is trying to tell her readers about human behavior in the world we live by making the message of her it being people take life for granted, and are oblivious to the world. In this short story, Mansfield creates her characters to be oblivious to the world they live in. The characters spend lots of money, they think money and impressions are everything. As well, when one of their neighbors died, they did not even care. They kept the party going even though their was a wake going on right next door, a man has died and they are having a party. At the end of the short story, Laura brings a goodie basket to the mourning family. She comes back and says to her brother, "No. It was simply marvelous. But Laurie--isn't life, isn't life--." She knew her family was taking life for granted. There are four parts that really make up the feminism theory.
Gender Difference
this is based on how women and men have different experiences with society. the theory that because of woman's femininity and womanhood makes there experience different.
Gender Inequality
this is based on saying how men and women aren't equal, that women are weaker then men.
Gender Oppression
this goes bigger then gender difference and gender - inequality, it suggests that women are only good to make men feel powerful and they tend to be beaten.
Structural Oppression
is based on race, age, class. The "1st" wave happened in more then one place and at different times but the main event that most people would remember was in 1919 when women earned the right to vote and changed the views on everything. Will you win the prize? Fast Money
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