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The Odyssey vs. Holes

No description

Charlyn Castillo

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of The Odyssey vs. Holes

Odysseus was intelligent throughout the whole book, he always knew what was best for him to do and he knew how to talk to the gods to leave him alone.

Stanley was intelligent when he had to deal with the other teens at Camp Green Lake instead of getting beat up.
The Crossroads
Odysseus and his cunning mind got the cyclops drunk, " 'Here cyclops, try this wine-to top off the banquet of human flesh you've bolted down!" (IX 388-389) and then got the cyclops thrown off course so Odysseus could escape, " Nobody-that's my name." (IX 410).

Stanley was cunning when Mr. Sir was filling canteens, and Stanley took his truck and tried to drive to Zero.
Haven vs. Wilderness
In "The Odyssey", Odysseus has this archetype as Ithaca being his haven and the waters he has been sailing for the wilderness.

In "Holes", Stanley Yelnats has this archetype of "God's Thumb" as his haven and Camp Green Lake in the desert for the wilderness.
"The Odyssey" vs. "Holes"
Group #3
Comparison to Odysseus
The Magic Weapon
Odysseus went through many different places. "Did you see any heroes down in the House of Death, any who sailed with you and met their doom at Troy?" (XI 420-421)

Stanley Yelnats was brave to run away from Camp Green Lake after Mr. Sir told him about the possible things that would happen to him out on the hot desert without food and water.
Odysseus reaches the crossroads when he decides to leave Circe and go travel back home to Ithaca.

Stanley reaches his crossroad when he suddenly realizes the warden at Camp Green Lake makes them dig for the treasure buried by Kate Barlow.
Odysseus, in "The Odyssey", has the magic weapon for an archetype who is his guide and guardian, Athena. Athena is a goddess of wisdom and helps Odysseus get home safely.

Stanley, in "Holes", has his magic weapon of a shovel, when he digs up the treasure of Kissin' Kate Barlow which contains millions of dollars and gold.
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